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    Just wanted to mention here, I'd you have any issues with Yacht, feel free to PM me. I'm not on super often but pop in every once and a while. I have a lot of stuff I'm working on so the next update will likely be after the new year.

    I am working on getting a good base template to include with the OMV distribution as well as seeing what I can do as far as allowing distributers to more easily customize yacht with default template variables, default templates, etc.

    Docker definitely has a learning curve but it will make things much easier in the long run and will keep programs from messing with your host OS if they have an issue.

    Hey, could you please post your docker run command? This is likely a permissions issue so double check to make sure whatever user you're running yacht as has access to wherever the config is mounted.

    Try using Yacht and the Yacht template instead. You can set template variables so things like !config go to /sharedfolders/AppData/config or wherever you want.

    With Yacht, once you download a template you can just activate the VPN and it will keep it since it downloads them locally.

    You can do the following to enter the Yacht container:

    docker exec -it yacht /bin/bash

    Then try to ping and see if it's able to connect to the internet at all.

    When I try to add a template in yacht I get: yacht internal server error undefined. Could I be having this problem because I am running a vpn on my server.

    Can you open an issue on github and post your logs? I can take a look at it for you.

    As much as I like OMV I also like the style I've got going on. I can look into adding some env variables to enable theming soon if you really wanted to make it look like OMV (color wise).

    BTW, Image, Network, and Volume managment are in Yacht now. I know MacVlan is important to you guys so if you have any recommendations please let me know or open an issue.

    That would definitely be out of scope unfortunately. I am open to adding an env variable to yacht to autoload OMV template variables though which may make it a bit easier for volume mounts.

    The port forwarding side of things is already accomplished via variables. As far as UI being integrated, the project is independent from OMV. It does have an API and documentation if OMV decides they want to integrate with it but I wouldn't count on it as it's a bit out of scope for either project.

    I just installed Yacht and it immediately showed me a problem with one container that wasn't visible with Portainer until I did a deep inspection, something I wouldn't have done without some indication there was a problem.

    It was a problem (continuous restarting) which also showed up in the old Docker plug-in and which still doesn't show in Portainer, something I pointed out before if memory serves.

    Glad to hear that! It's definitely still a work in progress and lots of things are being worked on. If you have any feature requests or thoughts on things that you think should change please feel free to open a Feature request on the GitHub repo.

    This coming week I'm hoping to get Image, Volume, and Network managment into the master branch. Then it's back to docker-compose (decided to work on these so I could have a break and re-evaluate how I want to do things) if anyone has an idea of a good UI flow I'd love to hear it (I'm thinking similar to the apps list but it shows the stack and you can select services to up/down and view details on)

    Thats what I could really do with, I love docker and OMV, but haven't found a guide that makes sense to me yet :(

    I would love to hear your thoughts on it. I threw together a beginners guide and using the templates that are recommended (if you go to add a template and there aren't any it'll have the url of the templates I recommend) it should be just clicking next through the deployment ( once you set your template variables) :

    I would also add a link (of the docker project) to the docker image template of the image where it it shows installation or the wiki. New people will be very confused with installation.

    I would also like to see more verbose error messages. I installed guacamole which errored, so I thought it didn't install, but it actually did. It seems to be running fine?

    When I look in the logs in portainer, I can see the error. Anyway to have logs show up in yacht?

    More verbose errors are currently in the dev environment. Working on a few things and then they'll be pushed to master. I'll see about getting template variables to work with env variables as well as currently they're restricted to volumes. Will definitely work on getting these suggestions added.

    I think he was referring to being able to browse to the bind point "outside" of the container. Being able to navigate /browse to media storage (for example) on the host would be nice, versus being forced to type in (or paste) a letter perfect exact path.

    It might not be a good idea to enable being able to change a default bind point on the inside of a container. That's more in the realm of the Docker developer.

    Yes but Yacht runs in a container so that would require mounting an additional volume to include your network shares as it's restricted to it's own filesystem and I would like to keep the launch command as simply as possible.

    Ill have to see if that's doable (since it's in a docker container). It may not be. There are template variables so you only need to set a path once and you can reuse it for every container you deploy.

    I'm using Traefik. Is it possible to add labels in Yacht?

    Yes, this was added in the latest release.

    Great suggestions everyone! Once I get updates, editing, and docker-compose support working I'll be working on adding networking settings/management (as well as volumes and images). If there's anything else you can think of please be sure to mention it. If you want to go the extra mile you could also open up a feature request issue at the github repo.