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    Yacht Alpha v0.0.7 has been Released!

    Notable Changes:

    • a new template builder is released (pre-alpha)
    • Yacht is now a PWA and if published with SSL you'll be able to install it on most devices for easy access.
    • API Key framework so now applications can interact with Yacht directly (found in user settings when auth is enabled).
    • Changed logs and stats to Server Sent Events so websocket support is no longer needed (This may change in the future as I believe it will be needed for container CLI access)
    • Redesigned the look of all the main pages
    • Support for command, memory limits, and cpu in templates and deployments.


    • Better error handling for Projects.
    • Issue where ports were defined more than once
    • Data in dashboards being off
    • Various UI glitches
    • Other various fixes (view merge request for a full list)

    If you have any issues please be sure to report them and I'll get them fixed

    Hey everyone! Author of Yacht here. Over the past few days I've been putting in some work on a GUI template builder since it's currently a bit of a pain to maintain templates and build them if you don't like JSON. Shipwright will let you import Portainer or shipwright templates, edit them, and export them for use with Portainer and Yacht.

    Link is here:

    Source code is here:

    It's still pretty new do you may run into some bugs. It's all written in Javascript with VueJS so no data is transmitted to my server other than to get the scripts (it's running in a container on the DigitalOcean App Platform if you were curious).

    If this is the wrong place or shouldn't be posted in the forums, let me know or just remove the post.

    Have you tried the latest release? Docker compose support is much better. Also am working on adding a support bundle downloader to get support easily (downloads a zip containing the docker-compose as well as the logs for each container in it).

    Still definitely alpha quality but it's slowly getting there. Always happy to get feedback if there's anything in particular you're looking for as far as features/issues.

    Just tried it again...and it worked. Portainer has been updated, and I have a new option- yacht. Don't know what that is so I won't be installing it just yet.

    I'm the dev behind yacht. If you've got any questions or run into any issues with it feel free to reach out. Latest release includes an in browser docker-compose editor which is pretty nice.

    The in browser editor for docker-compose is coming out this week. It's already in the devel branch so I'm waiting on hearing from some testers. You can see if there's an update available by going to server settings > update and it'll let you know if there's a newer version available.

    Just wanted to mention here, I'd you have any issues with Yacht, feel free to PM me. I'm not on super often but pop in every once and a while. I have a lot of stuff I'm working on so the next update will likely be after the new year.

    I am working on getting a good base template to include with the OMV distribution as well as seeing what I can do as far as allowing distributers to more easily customize yacht with default template variables, default templates, etc.

    Docker definitely has a learning curve but it will make things much easier in the long run and will keep programs from messing with your host OS if they have an issue.

    Hey, could you please post your docker run command? This is likely a permissions issue so double check to make sure whatever user you're running yacht as has access to wherever the config is mounted.

    With Yacht, once you download a template you can just activate the VPN and it will keep it since it downloads them locally.

    You can do the following to enter the Yacht container:

    docker exec -it yacht /bin/bash

    Then try to ping and see if it's able to connect to the internet at all.