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    i have problem with SMB rights. With Windows computers, there is no problem, but while using MacOS (Mojave) if i create directory and upload movies, noone can see these files, just me (via DLNA). I have Guest access and all other files are shown to all devices, including mobile with VLC. Just files uploaded via Macbook stays hidden, if uploaded to MacOS created directory. If MacOS uploads to directory already created by Windows, files are visible. I think there is some problem with rights, but i have guest only access and can't see any problem in GUI.

    Or is there any other, beter, way for MacOS how to upload files to shared directories? SMB is fine and fast with Windows, not with OSX.

    Thanks for any hint.


    i have small home server (HP ProLiant Gen8) and inserted 3 data disks for data + SSD running Proxmox and OMV as virtual.

    I formated data disks to be 1 partition / ext4 (primary, so i have sda1, sdb1 and sdc1). I can see them in OMV > File Systems. Than i created Shared Folders and via ACL i gave them rights for sambashare, minidlna (some will be used to play movies on TV) and nobody + nogroup. All i need to these directories is to be used via Samba as storage for Mac/Windows machines.

    But strange thing happens. All directories created on 3rd disk works fine. I can upload, download aso. DLNA works fine too. But if the same directory is created (same setup) on 1st disk, i got problem with rights and Mac or Windows machines can't access it. If i migrate this directory to 3rd one, immediatelly is directory accessible and works as expected.

    Does anybody know where can be problem? Is there any special need about drive itself? Or some rights problem? I tried sda1 to reformat, no change. So, what stays to check?

    Thanks for help!