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    hi,thx,i manage to connect to one of the files,but:
    i see all the time on finder my server but when i try to connect via that its not work,
    manage to connect via go to-servers-afp...,but when i put login details new window pop out
    asking for password for the file but i cannot write anything on that,i manage to copy/paste password and log in to file.
    but finder mount a drive on desktop instead looks like in you pic in finder.

    thx for your replay sjdaniels, any chance that can help me with set it up?
    i try to log in to my server via netatalk but still nothing ,i'm missing something.
    how to add a user to log in ? i try user which i log in to omv and error ,i add another user on omv and still nothing.
    and one thing more . recently ,i don't now why , my plex stopped responding ,i getting message "Please check that the file exists and the necessary drive is mounted", drive is mounted (filezilla access w/o problems) plex shows all my files but cannot play them at all.

    Hi, I'm, Czarlji and i'm a omv user since few months and basically works flawlessly since then.
    use as a file server and plex media and is works nicely.
    recently i try to set up smb/cifs to get access from my imac and problems begins.
    i set up shares, add a user permissions to read/write to those shares ,start smb and thats all.
    i dont know why i have two entries on shared panel(screen1), trying to connect to first one(vault) connection is failed every time
    and connecting to the second one (vault-SMB/CIFS) mount on my desktop every folder (which i set up as a share) as a single mount.
    My question is:
    how to automatically mount those shares as a one folder in finder?
    im using mac os sierra and is connected to vpn,