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    Hi all,

    Last night I was attempting to add some USB drives to make a local backup and I seem to have fallen into a pit. The problem I'm having is that I'm not able to access the "Storage > File Systems" tab in the frontend. Checking the syslog I found the following errors:


    Basically, through some problems with adding/removing referenced drives, I made the decision to manually update the /etc/fstab and /etc/openmediavault/config.xml (deleting entries pertaining to the referenced drives and mergerfs filesystem). Clearly I've either deleted not enough or too much, but I'm unsure how to proceed here.

    Anyone willing to help me debug this? Many thanks.

    Thanks gderf - the first test fails, but I get packets from pinging I checked /etc/resolv.conf and indeed it has a nameserver indicated, but all the info is for my old router.

    I set up a new OMV 5 instance a few weeks ago, then because I moved had to turn it off for a while. Yesterday, I plugged everything back up and all seems to work fine, except it won't update. I've tried omv-update and apt-get update - nothing works.

    It seems to not be able to resolve the HTTP requests. I've checked /etc/apt/sources.list for any irregularities, but all seemed fine.

    Here is the output of running apt-get udpate:

    Would appreciate any tips on how to resolve this. Thanks!