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    I realize after researching this all yesterday and today I didnt provide enough information:

    PC OS: Windows 7 on HTPC and Gaming PC (GPC), OpenMediaVault (OMV) 3.0.96 on file server

    I did some speed testing and found out that the network transfer speeds while playing the video weren't fast enough to keep up. BUT every other transfer speed measured not using Plex seem more than adequate (see table of speed tests below). I tried bypassing the switch between OMV and HTPC, I tried turning the firewall off, I added the extra options to the SMB shares settings, but nothing seemed to work. But when I bypassed the OMV server and played the same file from either the HTPC or GPC, there was no buffering when playing on the opposite computer!

    So something must be slowing the connection between the plex media server on HTPC and OMV server as the video is being played. I just don't know how to fix it.

    I tested multiple methods of playing my best video file through my network. I copied the file to the other 2 computers for testing. In the table, "Server" is where the file was streamed from and "Client" is the PC client I played the file on using Plex Media Player. All OMV speeds are measured using "bmon" or iperf, the windows computer speeds were measured using iperf or resource monitor.

    All speeds are MB/s (not mbps)

    Server-->ClientBuffer?OMVHTPCGPC iperfWin Copy/Paste

    *Very inconsistent

    OMV = OpenMediaVault Server, where video files are stored by default
    HTPC = PC where plex media server is running and where I am trying to play the videos through Plex Media Player
    GPC = gaming PC used for troubleshooting

    Network Map:
    OMV --> switch --> router 1 --> modem
    OMV --> router 1 --> modem
    GPC--> router 2 --> router 1 (~150ft exterior cable) --> router 1 --> modem

    I am not really sure what is causing the speeds to only be low while trying stream the file from the OMV server to the plex media server on HTPC. Can anyone help? I will gladly pull any other info or logs needed

    Since I have moved my video files to OMV server, I am constantly buffering using plex media player on my HTPC. The videos are all being "direct played" which means no transcoding. When I test the speed between NAS server and HTPC using iperf I get around 300 Mbits/sec mbps (~36MB/s) which should be plenty. But when I watch the network traffic on the server, the HTPC is only pulling around 10-20 mbps. Everything is hardwired. I have the same problem on a different computer. When I play the file in windows media player on the HTPC, I dont get any buffering! What could be causing this?

    To be clear, OMV server holds the files, the HTPC is where Plex Media server is and it's libraries are pointed to the NAS through a mapped network drive with drive letter.

    Please help if you can, thank you.

    OK, I used WinSCP to access the content files on each disk and delete them. Then the snapraid sync -E finally ran. I had to run normal sync again to get the content files to reappear. The 2nd sync didn't actually do anything but create those content files. Only took a few seconds. I suppose the parity drive didn't repeat those files I copied over right? I didn't wipe the parity disk before redoing the sync

    Here's what the snapraid FAQ says about removing a disk:

    So I'm not sure how that jives with using the plugin since the plugin edits the config file.

    Yeah, that is where I get lost because I have done everything via the GUI plugin. If I knew how to get to the content files on the disks, I could just delete them and start new, but I have no idea. I only really know how to create a shared drive to access on windows later. I am not worried about having to rebuild the sync.

    When I try this, I get a content error that says I am missing the disk that I deleted from the Snapraid setup

    Loading state from /srv/dev-disk-by-label-VOLUME2/snapraid.content...
    Decoding error in '/srv/dev-disk-by-label-VOLUME2/snapraid.content' at offset 89
    The file CRC is correct!
    Disk 'Data1' with uuid '04897033-cee2-4d9b-a4a2-fc4334d076b4' not present in the configuration file!
    If you have removed it from the configuration file, please restore it

    Gallery of settings for reference

    I discovered 2 of my old smaller drives are pretty bad off according to snapraid's SMART report. I built my first server with snapraid and mergerfs to pool a bunch of old drives. Then I added a new pair of 8tb drives after scouring Best Buy, one for storage and one for the new parity. Now I want to remove the 2 risky drives (device names sdd and sdb) permanently by copying their data to the sdc disk (still an old smaller disk but in good shape).

    Since I pooled the disks and made a snapraid array, I have no idea how to copy data from individual disks before removing them. Any suggestions?