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    Hello, I am currently using a slightly handicapped version of openmediavault with a plex media server running. I have had success in getting the open media vault up and running and sharing my files to the network. My complication comes with plex and finding my media. I have no idea how but I managed to get plex to connect to my external 5tb drive. I got it to be able to see a file I have labeled "Movies" inside of this external drive. What is escaping me is being able to add my "Music" folder in the same manner. I have from what I can tell all the same settings on the "Music" folder as I have on the "Movie" folder. When I go into plex and try to add it I do not see a Music folder in my options. I see my Movies folder. It just seems really weird that I can get it to share and see my Movies folder but I cannot get it to see the Music folder. I guess a good place to start would be to know what exactly has to be in place for or setup on open media vault for plex to see a shared folder. The Movie and the Music folders are on the same external hard drive which is why this has be so baffled.