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    Sure, it's possible...

    If someone writes a plugin for WebAuthn authentication, the YubiKey can be used as a strong second factor. It can even be used as a First (Only) factor.

    Yubico I has a lot of info on it's Dev page ( about Fido2 and WebAuthn, as well as some libraries that a developer can use to add support.

    As for File System Encryption, that's a bit tougher. I have not seen anyone use the Yubikey for file system encryption. They do have a low cost (List price $650) HSM that may fit that bill.

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    Thank you all for your thoughts. Great ideas. I will evaluate them all and figure out the best way for me to proceed.

    Really appreciate this community.

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    I am looking for some thoughts and advice on a backup strategy.

    I am considering purchasing a RockPro64 with the NAS case. I am planning on putting on a 8-10 TB drive in it for storage. Instead of setting up a RAID, I am thinking of putting in a second drive and doing a "backup" of the main drive. How does that sound to the collective?

    I could also put an external drive connected via the USB 3 port, but I figured the SATA channel would be faster.

    What backup plugin would everyone recommend for this purpose?

    Thank you in advance.

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