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    Hi I have just recently joined a new VPN subscriber unfortunately they don't have a Linux app I canan use from the command prompt. Is there a generic one I can use from the built it plugins?.

    Hi I currently have a OMV server running plex with sonar and radar set up at the moment it is all behind a vpn for obvious reasons. My problem is I need plex to have remote access but can’t forward ports through my vpn is there a way to setup omv to male the vpn ignore the vpn so I can get remote access to working plex. Thanks

    hi I need to swap out my os hdd as it will fail iminantly. I would like to backup all my config files including my add-ons and there settings. so o can fresh install omv on a different drive and restore all my this possible?. thanks

    Hi all the other day we had a sudden power outage. When I rebooted all my data disks had disappeared just says missing in OMV gui.
    And don't show in physical disks or in the dropdown list.
    I don't want to think about loosing my data.

    Hi I recently updated omv from the gui and for some reason sonarr radarr and jackett stopped working I did manage to get sonarr and radarr working but no joy with jackett. Any ideas are appreciated thanks.