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    I had the same issue, and after trying everything from reinstalling the container to reinstalling OMV, the issue was the kernel, 5.4.0-0.bpo.3. I switched to 5.4.0-0.bpo.2 and everything started working again, you should be able to switch to an older kernel in omv extras plugin.

    yep have had this issue twice then i have realized it is the kernel that is causing problems with macvlan

    in my case dnscryptproxy for DoH running at (also macvlan) so you have to adjust this but the screenshots should give you an idea how to do set it up in protainer

    Do we know if the email notifications get broken, once set without NUT installed, by then installing NUT again?

    have tried it on my testing device if you remove the plugin every thing works as long as you do not reinstall it!

    if you reinstall the nut plugin its broken again...

    no clue why i havent received any feedback from @votdev have also created a bugreport in the git repo no response also :(

    here my settings for docker-pihole

    and also a very useful blogpost for macvlan

    hope this helps :)


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    Thx for the debug infos. Sadly i can not reproduce this behaviour nor do not i see anything in the code when i review it. This would make me wonder because the code is part of OMV since many years now and i never saw such an behaviour nor get reports from users.
    Currently i have no idea how to proceed.

    @votdev this silly bug has bugged me so long that i have invested a few hours and i have found the cause of the problem.

    as soon as i install the NUT plugin from plugins email doesnt work anymore and the apply loop begins!

    have reproduced this many times on two different HP Proliant servers.

    the NUT plugin doesnt need to be conf'd or active and the ups isn't even connected - an install of the plugin is enough to get the loop - so i hope you can find the problem bc i need the nut plugin ;)

    //add.: after removing the plugin email loop is gone again :) so seem that this plugins kills something :D

    Hey everyone, new user and I love OMV. One thing I've noticed and I wonder if it's a bug or a feature - when I reboot my OMV server the SMB share disappears from the Windows network. However, it can still be reached if say I use the explicit path to the shared folder. In order to make the SMB share name reappear in Windows I have to disable then reenable the SMB/CIFS service in OMV. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong? Thanks. :D

    let me guess you have openvpn installed on omv4?

    if yes you can read this thread there is your answer Windows 10 Build 1809 und OMV Shares sind in der Netzwerkumgebung verfügbar.

    short tun0 is killing functionality

    P.S. can you please re-post the output of /var/lib/openmediavault/dirtymodules.json, you cut the output somewhere.

    have attached the file as it is.

    After doing another review i've found that might cause the problem, theoretical, but as said i never experienced any problem here.…8a0c90a8890858695c4277444

    have patched the file but it behaved like before - takes abt 1-2 minutes and then the apply bar comes back again immediately :(

    have had never an problem with this - using the same credentials since ages...

    //add.: have taken a look at postfix and it isn't even configured - the setupfiles are almost blank...


    root@openmediavault:~# cat /var/lib/openmediavault/dirtymodules.json

    hope you can find something

    thanks in advice

    You need to collect the PHP error message from syslog. Without this info we can not identify which plugin or internal module raises the error.

    what i have postet is the only error i get in syslog, have checkt the other logs (nginx) and there is nothing in them.

    can i set php loglevel to verbose to get more log?

    changing the port dosn't solve anything here, i will always get the php error - but only if i'm saving the notification setup...

    other changes will be saved without problem...

    always the same error in syslog:

    Hi have freshly installed OMV5.0.5 today and have a small problem,

    i can't save the notification settings - i don't get a error msg on screen but the apply changes bar will show up again every time i hit accept.

    have tried many different email servers/email combinations with the same result.

    my syslog shows the following msg:

    anyone has a clue how i can fix this?!? every thing else is working like a charm - including docker&portainer (man was hard to get into it but now its ok :) )

    If you don't want it running then just read this - Windows 10 Build 1809 und OMV Shares sind in der Netzwerkumgebung verfügbar.

    thx i know that, but masking the wsdd service will break the omv webinterface a little bit. after masking wsdd you can't change anything which is depending on samba bc of:

    Failed to execute command 'export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C.UTF-8; systemctl enable 'wsdd' 2>&1' with exit code '1': Failed to enable unit: Unit file /etc/systemd/system/wsdd.service is masked.

    If you quote my comment that OMV4 does not support the deactivation of wsdd, then I was assuming you are talking about OMV5.

    damn thx okay back to my ugly hack...

    I've added the ability to disable WSD in OMV5. OMV4 will not support that because it requires more code than only 3 lines in a SLS file. See…5d6302b898c4b59c63541c874.

    hi votdev, sorry to bother you again but i have tried to disable the implementation and failed.

    so i have to ask before i get completely nuts ;)

    am i right that i have to add OMV_WSD_ENABLED="NO" to /etc/default/openmediavault? bc i have tried this (and false, 0 , no) and always gets activated after samba restart...

    so is there something i have missed or understood wrong?

    ok seems like isn't that useful - have tried my best to help debug but there is "no way" to get this working on the easy - there is a workaround which i don't like for many reason!

    so it's sad to say but i'm out and i will switch back to the right out box working wsdd2 implementation...

    ok after a few hours of doing something other, i have realized that there was a similar problem in wsdd2 a long time ago - and after a little bit of research i have found the changelog commit and reason for that (and other than christgau mentioned it is not the docker device its the VPN tunnel - and that's afaik is also visible in the logs i have provided...):

    //add.: i can confirm that it is OpenVPN and not Docker - i have a backup proliant which i have setup with omv, docker and without OpenVPN and it is working as it should so - i have to mention that i'm a little bit pissed off by christgau he hasn't even taken a look into the things i have provided

    but as i said i'm done with it...