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    @ bbm
    Thank you very much.
    I was in the wrong folder, now all is fine.

    Only in UEFI mode my vga monitor has a signal, in Bios-mode no signal.

    I have send back the gen10 because the warranty only valid to november 2018.

    It was not possible (perhaps i am stupid) to register the gen10 so that i could download the bios.

    The HP support sites are terrible, i will never try it again.

    I will buy again, if the bugs are gone and the bios updates are available from others than HP.


    today i have bought the Gen10.
    I am to stupid to regg on the hp page.
    Is it possible that someone can send me the Bios files to update the bios under windows server?

    I have the UEFI Bios files, but in the shell, when i keyin flashbios.nsh i get an error-
    such as no internal or external command.

    Can anybody help me.

    Thanks Frank