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    Hi there,

    I would like to ask you about photo gallery softwares, which is used by you and why is it better than others?

    Currently I'm using a Synology Photo Station, but I would like to move my gallery to my OMV server, so I need for a good software to organize and make shared albums in an easy way by it. (I should make it accessable from outside because of the shared albums)

    I found these softwares so far, but haven't got any experience with them:


    It is important that the software is able to play video files made with mobile phones. (Example: Picapport has a video plugin for playing videos.)

    So what do you think, which is a good choice and why it is?



    I tried to set up a dokuwiki on my OMV server using docker. I didn't found any guide for that, so I tried it myself.

    I downloaded and used this container: mprasil/dokuwiki

    I configured docker like this:

    Added a name and set restart policy.

    Network mode: bridge
    Port forwarding:
    Host IP: tried with and my OMV server IP address also
    Host port: 4780
    Exposed port: 80/tcp

    Environment variables:
    Tried with add PUID and GUID, and also tired with none added.

    Binded mounts:
    /srv/dev-disk-by-label-data/docker-dokuwiki/data ---> /dokuwiki/data
    /srv/dev-disk-by-label-data/docker-dokuwiki/conf ---> /dokuwiki/conf
    /srv/dev-disk-by-label-data/docker-dokuwiki/lib/plugins ---> /dokuwiki/lib/plugins/
    /srv/dev-disk-by-label-data/docker-dokuwiki/lib/tpl ---> /dokuwiki/lib/tpl/
    /srv/dev-disk-by-label-data/docker-dokuwiki/logs ---> /var/log/

    Other settings are on default.

    I should access dokuwiki on browser by this url, but not works: http://myomvip:4780/install.php

    Is anyone else used this container, or have an idea what can be the problem?


    The problem is that the location of your /config for the container is on a drive that is not mounted exec capable. This is the default for all data drives in OMV. If you examine your /etc/fstab file you will see this in the mount options as "noexec".
    A temporary fix is to edit fstab changing noexec to exec and rebooting. However, this change will be reverted by OMV when certain configuration changes are made in the future.

    The complete fix is here:

    I know that fstab fix (thanks for TechnoDadLife) and I already done it a couple of days ago, but it's helped partially only for me.

    Originally I had 2 problems:
    1. play videos from browser on PC didn't worked
    2. transcoding from any device didn't worked

    After I done that fix, transcode starts working on devices (line TV or phones) but play from browser on PCs still not works.

    This is my problem.

    I'm trying to use UnionFS, but I still have issues in PMS by UnionFS shares.

    I have shared folders from UnionFS mount point (eg. vp1/media), thats linked to Plex container. It works great, but every time if I reboot OMV, folders shared from UnionFS mount point are disappears in Plex.

    If I delete and recreate and configure Plex container by Run Image button, it works again, until the next time of OMV reboot.

    I also created shared folders directly from real filesystems (volume3/testshare/, without UnionFS), and added these shares to Plex by the same ACLs and privileges as "vp1/media" for example. These folders working fine after reboot, only unionfs shares gone away.

    Yesterday an update comes for unionfs (2.27.1), and I made a fresh plex container from the latest plex image, but nothing changed.



    Container bindings:

    Container a couple of seconds after creation:


    Folders in Plex at this time:

    Folders in Plex after reboot:

    Any others facing with this issue?

    Can you try to add func.getattr=newe in the mount options of mergerfs partition?

    I made it, and rebooted server after that, but didn't changed.

    I tried to delete and recreate plex container, after that it works again, plex can access files shared from pool.

    What was the problem? (restart plex container didn't helped, need to recreate to make it work)

    The part you are missing is "Existing Path." If the path does not already exist on a drive, mergerfs will not create it and won't be able to write data there.

    So I always should manually create aprropriate path and folders on more drives to make it write to there, if necessary?

    I think I understood what you wrote, but what happens if I use Existing Path, Most Free Space policy, and the folder on first drive is filled full? I think UnionFS should create another folder with same name and path on other drive and continue write to there, but not this happens, it says there is nore more space on disk (however the other disk in pool is almost empty)

    Same here, the problem is identified after server reboot.

    I run Plex in docker, so I haven't got plex user under OMV. I added manually a "plexuser" before, who runs plex docker image, he is in users group also.

    I identified mounted media folders isn't appears in plex container since reboot.

    I bought a bigger disk with the aim of installing virtual machines. I installed the vbox plugin, but I can't add shared directory from the system partition (sde1) when I would like to add VM directory.

    Is it possible if I use the original OMV installer (openmediavault_3.0.94-amd64.iso) for the installation? If the answer is yes, how could I solve this? Which permissions should I set for the VM directory?