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    hey man. i have an odroid-hc2, which is arm. so i cant use the plusminus image right?could you lead me to an fitting image for my odroid? there are tons of jdownloader images in the docker repository, not sure which one is the right and i dont know where i find the info if its for arm.

    but the rest of your tutorial should still be the same for arm, right?
    thank in advance!

    Use the jaymoulin image.

    I previously had OpenVPN working on OMV 3 but I lost it when I upgraded to OMV 4. I recently saw that the plugin has been updated so I installed it and tried to set it up with the same settings as before, but I can't get my phone to connect to it.

    I used the settings found in this post.

    Here they are:

    Use compressionEnabled
    PAM AuthenticationDisabled
    Gateway Interfaceeth0
    Default GatewayEnabled
    Client to clientDisabled
    DNS Server8.8.8.8,
    Pubic AddressMy DDNS address

    Every time I try to connect with the OpenVPN app it just times out.

    Earlier today when I ssh'd into OMV 4 it said there were 3 updates. I did 'apt upgrade' and after it did its thing a message popped up saying that I need to run a command to finish the update. I stupidly didn't write down what this command was. Does anyone know what it was?

    I used a different image to the one mentioned above but on the one I used I had to ssh into OMV and paste this

    docker exec jdownloader configure password

    I'm trying to get Rsync to push files from my Odroid HC-2 to a HDD I have connected to my Odroid-C2 running Libreelec but I don't know what I'm doing.

    I've tried typing a whole bunch of things into the destination server and none of them have worked. I also tried using remote mount but I couldn't work that out either. How do I do this?

    I can't get this to work, I've entered all the setting mentioned above but when I start it it immediately dies. The logs say "standard_init_linux.go:195: exec user process caused "exec format error"

    Here are my settings: