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    Hi to all new here.

    I have 5 cameras in another location. Locally everithing is working. They are able to send files thru ftp when they get a trigger. They were working fine and now i do not know what happen now i only get file name an 0 kb files, i ran the online ftp tester and i got this (FTP tester.png). i am using port 26 open on my router and this on my OMV setup.

    When i try to connect from a ftp client to my OMV server i get (FTP41.jpg)

    Getting this on filezilla

    Server sent passive reply with unroutable address. Using server address instead.

    and it does not connecte.

    My setup is

    Unifi UDM connected to my PI whit OMV and 1 usb HD .

    Any help, Thank you

    OK i get it.

    I now have install nextcloud but change ports to 8095-95, if i go to ports.conf and sites-available they still sowing 80.

    a im looking at this from the portainer console, if i try nano or vi, command not found and i am tinking that i can not acces nextcloud because i change the ports but in ports.conf and sites-available, are still pointing to 80. if i change it maybe it will work and hhow can i change it? remember i am new at this


    Hi to all looking for guidance.

    I install docker on open media vault that is running on raspberry PI, i run portainer to install different app.

    I trying installing nginx whit no luck. i install nextcloud, it work fine.

    When i was messing whit nginx i decided to erase nginx and nextcloud, just because.

    Now if i try to reinstall nextcloud whit stack i get the Db and nextcloud_app, but the nextcloud app it stay on created state. And nextcloud does not run. is the same stack file that run whit no problem.

    what am i doing wrong. Im also running other apps and there are no problems yet there.

    Thank you

    can some help me out too. Been at this for days

    this are my files an errors.\


    [8/25/2020] [4:15:43 PM] [Global ] › ✖ error connect ETIMEDOUT,

    [8/25/2020] [4:15:47 PM] [Global ] › ✖ error connect EHOSTUNREACH,

    [8/25/2020] [4:15:48 PM] [Global ] › ✖ error getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND db,

    [8/25/2020] [4:15:49 PM] [Global ] › ✖ error getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND db,

    [8/25/2020] [4:15:50 PM] [Global ] › ✖ error getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND db,