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    Dear community,
    Actually I have my home NAS-server setup with 6 HDD as data drives with mergerfs (unencrypted).
    My actual OS it's OMV4 and I have about 4 running VMs (Virtualbox) and a lot of docker containers via docker-compose file (about 35 including plex, deluge, traefik, duplicati, ecc)
    I would like to start from scratch and set up my NAS/homeserver running Proxmox VE, getting rid of Virtualbox, virtualizing OMV, and keep data shared across VMs (mainly windows machines for using via RDP).
    I want to encrypt this server and would like your guidance on how to do it best.
    In particular I want to change my actual setup for the goals below:

    • distribute/balance my hw resources at best
    • encrypt my data drives
    • get better filesystem performance (especially I/O part that sounds like my bottleneck)
    • using iommu/VFIO for gpu pass through into the windows VMs to get gpu accel.

    My hardware:
    Ryzen 1700 cpu
    asus b350-a motherboard
    1 nvidia 730 GPU PCI express
    2 NICs (on board realtek + intel pci-exp)
    16 GB non ECC Memory DDR4
    1 x 256GB SSD usb 3.0 (for OS boot and docker files)
    4 x 8TB + 2 x 3TB Seagate SATA 7200 RPM HDDS (for data drives) ext4+mergerfs
    1 8TB usb external drive for selective encrypted backups (duplicati target)

    For security/privacy I would like to encrypt it as much as possible. I would like to keep using mergerfs and possibly enter a single password at boot and decrypt my drives.
    It's this possible? How/where to start?
    Any help will be gratefully appreciated.

    greetings to all,
    I have the same exact problem. OMV 4.x installed successfully the virtualbox plugin and phpvirtualbox and everything's appears to be fine, except for the "shutdown" phase of any running VM. Even through VBoxManage CLI command seems impossible to shutdown VM gracefully.
    Could you please explain in details (with code editings) what did you do to solve this? Any mod to init.d script? thanks.