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    So after the update to OMV 5.6.25 I tried the update to OMV6 again with omv-release-upgrade.

    This time it worked fine. After the reboot I still had the old 5.x omv-extras plugin, but used the fix5to6upgrade script by @ryecoaaron which updated my omv extras to version 6.x

    The script can be found here:…lob/master/fix5to6upgrade

    After running the script I still had the unionfilesystem plugin in version 5.x, removed this and then installed the new mergerfs plugin in version 6.x

    Now my filesystems are showing in the dashboard and everything is working without reconfiguring it.

    Everything seems to be in working order now. Marking the issue as solved


    so I tried updating my OMV5 install to OMV6. My install is either an inital OMV3 or OMV4 install, I can't really remember. Changed from bare metal to proxmox a couple of month ago. And i have snapshots in place, so I could rollback easily. First update said it finished succeded, but after the reboot webgui etc was still working, but OMV was still on version 5.x (urus). In the update manager it showed a lot of updates pending, but all to the old version of the packages (for example openmediavault in version 5.6.something). Tried with the updates, but it failed half way throught when it tried to remove something. So I rolled back.

    Edit: seems like the same thing that happened here: omv-release-upgrade indicates '0 upgraded', OMV is gone

    Tried again and saved the output of omv-release-upgrade. So anyone see anything wrong here? I would really like to update as I would love to have all the buster packages. So if you have any ideas whats wrong and what I could do to fix this, or you want / need some further information to help with bugfixing the release-upgrade I'm happy to help!

    attached the terminal output of omv-release-upgrade.

    last line seems odd:

    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 594 not upgraded.

    Had a not even 1year old crucial MX500 SSD 250gb as my omv system drive die on me and had a chance to test ryecoaarons backup plugin. Had regular fsarchiver backups of my entire system drive on my mergerFS filesystem.

    Inserted a new system SSD, reinstalled OMV (not sure if necessary, but went quick), booted systemrescuecd from a different usb drive and then restored according to the instructions on page 1. Rebooted, everything works as if the SSD never failed. Thanks for the plugin and your work! Took like half an hour. Great

    I just have one question, maybe because i don't understand EFI booting or GPT. Why is the dd of the .grubparts file necessary? Doesn't fsarchiver restore the full partition? I don't have a seperate boot partition, just /dev/sdc1 as boot and file partition for OMV and a swap partition.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the guide.

    Had some SMART errors on my system ssd and before replacing it, I did a fsarchiver backup of my system ssd with the backup plugin. After replacing the ssd I tried restoring without installing OMV to the new ssd first, so on a blank unformatted disk. But that didn't work for me. Couldn't get it to boot.

    So i installed OMV5 fresh from USB on the ssd and afterwards booted systemrescue and did the fsarchiver restore on the ext4 partition. Everything worked from there on and all settings / docker containers were restored. Only had to edit /etc/fstab because the old uuid of the swap partition was in there from the restore I guess. But no big issues.

    Thanks for the plugin and the short guide!