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    Hello votdev , sorry i did not see your answer as notification did not work. How i made the setup :

    1/ i instaled a fresh version of OMV5 including the PCIE card with the 2 interfaces and it works like a charm.

    2/ i tried to enable the interfaces on the mother boards that never been initiated and problem is appearing.

    I'm not sure to understand why you think i migrated as i installed from scratch.

    The issue is not resolved.

    Hello, i made today the updates of OMV5 to the version 5.5.9-1.

    I used to have a PCIe ethernet board i was using the network ports and i wanted to remove it from the PC and use the internal ports. I'm trying to initiate them in the network/interface menu, OMV5 is seeing the interfaces but when i try to close and save an error appears (like below).

    Could you give me some hints to solve this issue ?

    Best Regards

    Hello, sorry if i ask stupid question. i'm transitioning to OMV5 and i would have like to have some mounting points in /media and not in /dev/disk/by_label. COuld you help me to understand the process to do it on OMV5 ?

    Where could i find the "permission reset" plugin ?

    Thanks for your help


    i created in OMV4 some shared folders when i put some music. Though ssh i can see the files stored in (for example) : IP/sharedfolders/studio_masters/
    I can map though CIFS/SMB the sharedfolders under windows 10 or a NAS like Synology or QNAP with the following configuration IP/studio_masters (no "sharedfolder" anymore), i see the different shared folders but can not see the files inside.

    Could you help me please ?

    Best regards

    Dear all,

    I went through the search without any success and as I,m new on board the best way is perhaps to ask :-)
    I’m running a licence of resilio sync on some NAS and i would like to use it on the machine where there is open vault 4 installed.
    I m not sure about the right way of installing it : I read some people talking about dockers but can not find any docker in the plugins. Another solution should be to install resilio sync out of open vault but on the Debian distri.

    Would you have any recommendations ?