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    Thanks for all the support,

    Although I'm still very much a rookie, the system is great, I learn all the time and folks like yourself.

    Appreciate the support, take care and stay safe!


    Apologies in advance for overstating the obvious or my lack of understanding, do you mean delete the lines that are highlighted in my snapshot below:

    Or delete everything up to the bottom of your third line?

    Much appreciated, just trying to do the right thing :-)...

    Thanks Ryecoaaron,

    I used nano and added the commands you sent to the source list file. OMV Extras is now available on the Web GUI, great, thanks.

    I do have the following on the terminal that concerns me a little, do I have to action anything here to remove these "multiples":

    Thanks again for the support.

    Thanks Ryecoaaron,

    Appreciate the feedback, could you kindly suggest an appropriate thread that I may use to install/repair said packages please? In addition, any thoughts on why this occurred on two different hardwired machines.

    Completely understand that you have many folks to assist, would clearly appreciate a pointer in the general direction if you could be so kind.

    I would go and reinstall again as it sounds easier than with my basic understanding of the system itself, however I believe I will get back to the same place with the issue not being able to get to the mirror sites as previously, still not sure how/why that happens (two different machines).

    Thanks again, ryecoaaron.

    Would this be somewhere to start, and if so which packages:

    I'm also trying:

    sudo apt-get update --fix-missing

    Hi Ryecoaaron,

    Yes the install didn't go as planned, could not connect to the mirror sites (happened on 2 separate wired machines). No one has been able to tell me why yet either. I had thought it was related to IPv6, my iSP Router etc. Still don't know why.

    Output from apt-get update:

    Output from cat /etc/apt/sources.list:

    Initially I was working with Macom to add a nameserver as initially we could not reach outside my LAN.

    Hi Ryecoaaron,

    Thanks for the support, get the following from your command:

    The initial install was not a wireless issue, majority of my tech is hard wired.

    Should also mention and seen in another thread, I had severe issues with Network on installation of OMV5. Could be as a result of the issue/broken packages.

    Thanks to you both,

    Before I disappear and return to quiz you both another day, can you point me in the general direction for how to download that update log from the system? rather than taking a picture?

    Thanks again.

    Thanks to you both for your patience and perserverance...

    I guess this means it worked :-)

    Only concern I have is the line that says W: Possible missing firmware... near the bottom.


    Other question(s) I would have is what can be done to avoid this issue going forward and secondly why does the install hang on IPv6? Is it my ISP's Router that is too slow to respond?

    Thanks again for your support and attention!