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    I use Subsonic on my machine and have been watching the progress. beta1 had some problems so now I am waiting for some more users to report about beta2, if no bad reports I will add it by the weekend.

    Is it possible to add an stable release channel and alpha/beta for Subsonic?

    I've enabled that option this setting can be changed on every share.
    hide dot files This parameter controls whether files starting with a dot appear as hidden files

    I've created an CIFS share and use the hide dot files, but the following files are visible:

    How can I hide these files, i can't delete them because OMV is using these files.

    I've installed nZEDb with this script, but the pre flight check fails with the following error/warnings, and the setup can't continue.

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    Are you doing something out of the ordinary when installing? You shouldn't even see anything about the package manager when installing. If you are going to add extra packages, it should be done after installing omv.

    I've done the following steps:

    I've found something on the error message "Configuring 'apt-setup-udeb' failed with error code 127", and now i\m trying to copy all the files from filesystem.squashfs to the root of the USB.…apt-configuration-problem

    In the syslog i see the following error during the install:

    I'm trying a new fresh install of OMV with the most recent version 0.5, but I recieve a package manager error while there are no network issues.
    How can I solve this? Because when I choose the package manager from the setup option the error occurs, and I can't change anything.
    The setup is running from USB with UNetbootin.