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    I'm asking myself is there a way to disable the confirmation task when I do any changes on my system? I'm on omv3.0.99 with kernel 4.15.
    I don't mean the "The configuration has been changed. You must apply the changes in order for them to take effect." but the confirmation after that.
    I know what I do so I don't need it. Would appreciate your help ;)

    Greets from Darmstadt, GER

    I got the same issues with OMV4. I have a Gigabyte J3455N-D3H with Intel J3455 and don't know why but OMV, UEFI and this board don't like each other. I had to disable UEFI completly. The other thing was to use a USB2 port, not USB3 to boot the USB drive. The stick was made with rufus 3.18 and with all these settings its now working.
    Hope this will help you too.

    Greetz from Darmstadt, GER