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    From the command line, run omv-aptclean assuming you have omv-extras installed. Clear your browser cache as well.

    One day i will learn and remember the simple things like this. I was freaking out a min ago i added a backup hdd to my server and the web gui freaked out.
    Thanks for your support in these forums and beyond.


    Thank you again for the input.
    I thought the metadata disk speed wouldn't matter much. I think I have some 1tb or larger drives in the parts pile I have to try one of those.

    As for snapraid I don't know much about it. However there are 5 data disks and 1 parity. I know I need to add a second parity and will as soon as I can buy the disk. But in my array on the file system it shows one data disk full and the parity disk full. The other data disks have random free space.
    Its still working great tho. I thought the parity disk would be as full as any one disk on your array. That's why the parity disk needs to be the largest disk in the array?

    I will report back on how the addition of the disk helps with the plex problem.

    i will try this now. if it works ill come back here and kiss you. this has been giving me headaches for days.

    Well my parity drive is 100% full. So i cant catch a break.

    i also use a 16gb flash disc. mine is an msata out of the parts pile. the controller card pcie that its running from also
    has an extra sata plug on it. if i put a disk drive on that port and leave it out of the array/filesytem i have now. could
    that fix my problem? i just want this off my system disk and i will be satisfied. i cant seem to manage that with my
    current knowledge and system setup.

    Okay so the other option I have is to add a drive to hold the metadata since my root drive is 16gb and my snapraid setup isn't the ideal place. Would a usb hdd or a network share to my other server be a good place for it?
    Or would I be better off to install a larger root drive?
    I have approximately 20tb of different media files in the plex library's that it wants to gather metadata on.

    Thanks for your help and opinion

    Hi everyone. I have been trying for the last couple days to get plex metadata folder moved off my system drive.

    I have a snapraid array and merfgs/union file system.
    Does plex not support my array and union file system?
    Its the only reason I can think of since everything I try either produces errors or breaks plex from starting.
    I've tried running plex they docker, using symlink on the directory which errors every time I try to link plex to my array/filesystem.

    So if it is incomparable I guess that will mean I need a bigger system drive because plex works fine if I let it save to the system disk but it fills my 16gb drive with metadata and my gui for OMV quits working because it's full.

    Helo everyone
    So of course a newb here.
    i managed to bumble my way thru seting up docker with plex.
    i noticed that docker is using the default folder on my system drive.
    i tried to add a folder share called docker but when i hit save it errors.
    it was working fine and plex webgui was accesable untill i hit save.
    i am clueless on where to start looking to solve this.

    help :)

    yes that's exactly what I'm trying to do is use win2012 to do the folder syncs.
    I want this because then I don't have to enable more samba shares.
    If I give the family to many choices it becomes a headache. And if I enable more samba shares for OMV to do the sync the family will find a way to screw that up and always be in the wrong Dir watching shows.

    Sync toy was acting weird on 2012. Saying it would need days to sync folders that are direct copys of each other. Freefilesync took 4 hours to dunce 15Tb or so of folders. I have been using the freefilesync program with success so far but the jury is still out.

    I'm not sure I know how to use that information. I'm a bit dumb using Linux.
    But I will be paying attention.
    For now it's a scheduled job to delete those files every 12hrs. :)

    They are on the same lan switch.
    Synctoy don't show speed but network transfers are okay. I'm going to double check the folders to make them the same. I guess I expected synctoy to just check the folders and be done and it started transfering files and it made me doubt it.

    Yes you are probably right. Maybe I'm expecting to much I have allot off media being synced. And both machines are connected to the same gigabit switch they sit side by side. I was thinking the data would have to travel twice if I used synctoy on the windows box.
    And the first sync does take longer but I thought they were direct copys of each other. I'm gonna start it back up and just let it finish.

    So I've had a MS2102 server in my home for years. On that and other Windows computers I've used synctoy. I like it because it's simple and it don't stop transfers on dumb errors like not having access to a thumbnail or some other silly transfer errors that can pop up and wait for a prompt before continuing.

    Now I have a OMV box that I've built and I'm loving it so far. I'm a newb to most of Linux but have goofed with it.
    When I ran synctoy to sync files from the new OMV server as source and 2012 server as remote. The transfers we're really slow I thought.

    So I was wondering if there it's a plug-in that will sync folders from my OMV server to the 2012 server without coughing up dumb errors to stop the sync.
    I'm only looking to sync these folders once a month.
    Any advice on the easiest way to accomplish this?

    Thanks for the help. It's made me tired and I need to sleep before I mess with figuring this out.


    So im pretty new here and im now addicted to my OMV server and playing with settings and plugins. I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all who moderate here, comment and help here, and any who worked on OMV. I personally really appreciate it and want everyone here to know this :)<3

    Thank you so much