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    I have created several shares inside the same existing folder "dateien" on one of my disks.

    Then. I have created the shares in SMB, too. I did so successfully in the past. No error messages so I guess everything is fine. The shares do show up in the finder when accessing the OMV server.

    Now, when trying to access the shares from a Mac, I get this "Der Vorgang konnte nicht abgeschlossen werden, da das Originalobjekt für „Buchhaltung“ nicht gefunden wurde." and the finder windows closes immediately.

    Logfiles show nothing. I tried to reset permissions already.

    How do I investigate systematically?



    I had to stop the clamav on demand scanner after I added a bigger zipfile for it blocked the use of any share.

    I would have expected that clamav does its job in the background with low priority but apparantly no.

    Maybe as a consequence of turning off clamav (after removing the ondemand share) and rebooting, I get this message when trying to mout a SMB share from a Mac:

    The configuration object 'conf.system.sharedfolder' with the filter '{"operator":"and","arg0":{"operator":"stringEquals","arg0":"mntentref","arg1":"6e853f08-b869-445f-8b3e-b1d1ec34668a"},"arg1":{"operator":"stringEquals","arg0":"reldirpath","arg1":"dateien\/"}}' is not uniqu

    I can read that and I will investigate further, but wouldn't make it sense to have a better message explaining what I have to do?

    I am using the newest OMV, version - I had to attach a screenshot because I could not copy a string from OMV frontend.



    Ah Ok so it works, but on the wrong folder.

    Yes it's tricky:

    Some examples:

    rsync -a /source/from/folder /destination/to

    ...copies ONLY THE folder "folder" INTO the folder "to"

    rsync -a /source/from/ /destination/to

    ...copies everything INSIDE "from" INTO the folder "to"

    rsync -a /source/from/ /destination/to/


    rsync -a /source/from /destination/to/

    ...copies ONLY THE folder "from" INTO the folder "to"

    If you look at it, it's logical but we expect "those folders must be made identical".

    Filling the SD with what?

    To me, rysnc should just stop or stall if is "sees" no external device, not "do something until full".

    Does the other side have a rsync server running or are we going via ssh?

    rsync -a --delete -e ssh /into/that/folder/

    if I'm not mistaken in case there is no rsync server. Be careful though. rsync -n option allows a "dry run" to test everything.


    For various reasons, II have to run system and data on one SSD disk:

    Main reason: It's a remote server that has only space for one disk

    Also: Even the smallest disk you buy these day ist much too big for a system only disk so I think there should be a way for doing what I suggest.

    Therefor, I already successfully shrank the first (system) partition /dev/sda1 to a reasonable size and added a second partition: /dev/sda3.

    Now the only thing I need is that shares cand also be placed on this partition but it is not shown in the dropdown.

    The partition works fine on the system lelevl and does show up correctly in "filesystems". I don't want to manipulate things that OMV manages, thatÄs why i have to ask here.

    Thank you!


    Hi all,

    I have installed an OMV 5 machine from scratch recently and at the beginning it had only a dynamic ip address given from my router, - which was fine.

    Then I changed the Ip to "static": - and now I can reach the machine via both addresses!

    That should not be because it uses up too much address space...

    What can I do?

    So far, I don't remember a IPv4 Ethernet could have two IPs of the same subnet at the same time.

    If it's a feature, I think OMV should offer a way to turn off the DHCP address.


    What do you see when you say

    ls -l /dev/sd*

    ? Try to match the physically available sd<x> disks with the things OMV sees. OMV will never show the system partition by the way.

    The /dev/sd<x> might not appear immediately if you try hotplugging the disk but you better shouldn't hotplug anything. If hotplugging is allowed by your motherboard and disk, you can try to make the system rescan the PCI or whatever system that is with

    Then all /dev/sd<x> should appear, if not the HD might be broken. Try on a different system.

    I had the same problem in the FTP section: My hostname was set like "machine.local" while it should be only "machine". The rest belongs in the "domain" part or maybe leave it on "local".

    Would be nice if OMV backend checked the hostname entry to make sure there are no dots.

    subzero79 Thank you for asking!

    I had been asked to enter a hostname in the installation script as far as I can remember. And from the fact the hostname is correctly set in /etc/hostname etc. (without the .local appendage) I deduce I should have typed it in correctly. However, I can't be 100% sure..

    Wow, that was it for me too, thank you. I thought OMV4 has the statistics switched on per default so I relied on it coming up again after installing OMV5 from scratch.

    Actially, some upgrade must have stopped the service. I have proof that the daemin had been on before, old statistics are showing up.

    Now as this this is a service that must be turned on, I would expect that it gets a place in the Dashboard where all services are visible..?

    Also it would be nice if we had something hinting on the status of the collecting daemon on the page where the diagrams get displayed..


    As you are having quite specific requirements in comparing systems and hardware we don't know - and also your usecase - I guess there is not much to do but to test it.

    OMV installation is very straightforward, maybe you can just spare a random small harddisk or SSD and test the performance?

    As only the OS is dealing with file delivery and OMV only takes care of the configuration I do not see why you shouldn't get max performance possible on Debian on your hardware.

    Quite often, Ethernet max performance is linked to a suboptimal network chip, maybe check if you have Realtek or any other "cheap" manufacturer. I heard Intel has a good value.

    I'm still having this problem, see screenshot, on both servers.

    The graphs claim they have not been updated since September 7. (see notice in the graphs)

    I already tried omv-firstaid statistics reset without avail.

    How can I check why obviously rrd is not working? There is no rrdcache log. Sure I restarted rrdcached and monitd already.

    Thanks a lot, that was it.

    I don't know why but the hostname was configured as "plethi.local" in OMV instead of just "plethi" - while the hostname was only "plethi". I'm quite sure I didn't configure that because my other server has just the name but well...

    It would be great if OMV could integrate a check for the hostname right where we are supposed to enter it I guess.

    Hi all,

    I already managed to get a FTP server running earlier (SFTP and FTP are installed, SFTP is off, FTP daemon is on.

    So I think the share is OK.

    However, if I only want to switch the FTP off, I get this in the dialog box:

    Any ideas?

    This is a x86 installation 5.5.9-1, quite vanilla.