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    I just bought and installed an ip camera which is storing videos files on a specific hdd Via ftp.

    The ip camera (reolink) app is good enough i don’t need to use a nvr app on omv like shinobi.

    however the only issue i have is that the hdd will run out of space, so is there any way to run a script that will delete older files if the hdd space is running low and where i can define the hdd space threshold?

    I don't think it's the label it appears to be the file system look at the output on blkid you could run fsck /dev/sdb

    I already tried to fixed it without success


    I was doing some test on the transfer speed on my HDDs and the ones i was testing seems to have lost their mapping with their labels, that's really weird i hope i didnt erase them by accident...

    By running:

    blkid -o full

    I have the results:

    /dev/sdg1: LABEL="Autre" UUID="380b65e9-771c-4996-abbe-3efbe4c64981" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="44672ec2-e421-4871-911d-a4489debb0f5"
    /dev/sdb1: PARTUUID="fc2dc338-bce2-4760-9b90-816cd3980796"
    /dev/sdc1: PARTUUID="b6a51930-60e2-493a-a901-f9f8f0fc199a"

    and by running:

    ls -la /srv

    I have:

    drwxrwxrwx 3 root root 4096 févr. 14 14:58 dev-disk-by-label-Films
    drwxrwxrwx 3 root root 4096 févr. 14 14:58 dev-disk-by-label-Telechargement
    drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 4096 oct. 23 18:51 dev-disk-by-label-Autre

    As you can see sdb1 and sdbc1 are not mapped to their system file "Films" and "Telechargement"

    sdb 8:16 0 10,9T 0 disk
    └─sdb1 8:17 0 10,9T 0 part
    sdc 8:32 0 1,8T 0 disk
    └─sdc1 8:33 0 1,8T 0 part
    sdg 8:96 0 3,7T 0 disk
    └─sdg1 8:97 0 3,7T 0 part /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Autre

    How to remapp them without loosing my data (if they are still there)?

    Thank you

    So, i succeeded to clone one drive.

    I tried another one and got this error, i think it was kind of the same as the first try:

    What do you think?
    I’m bit tired with this, i spent 5hours today on cloning without success...

    Edit:maybe my info on my server, HP MIcroserver gen 8, last amd64 clonezilla live iso injected via ilo.


    So i have tried clonezilla this night, i have choisen device-to-device copy, novice option and fsck option.
    This morning i was surprised to see my server still on while i asked for a shutdown at completion (i didnt keep any print).
    I have swapped the cloned hdd with the old one and on omv startup i had errors saying system failure due to my new hdd comporting bad block or « inconsistancy unexpected »

    I have made a print but it’s in french.

    Thanks for your answer!

    I have search the forum and two more queries:

    1/ i have seen an easier way, that is to simply use rsync for exemple to have all the same files on my new Hdd and then chàge the UUID, is that safe?

    2/ to boot into clonezilla from my omv machine i have to use the clonezilla plugin it seems?


    I have an omv setup with 4 HDD, 2x4To and 2x6To. Both HDD is the miror of the other (same size), i used rsync to do that, no RAID.

    I’m going to upgrade my 4To to 8.

    What is the easiest way to do do?
    Is there any way to not unassigned shares etc...and rather for exemple use clonezilla or else to do a perfect copy and then simply swap my disks?

    But the solution would have been to use a RAID 1 in the first place?
    But in that case if i were to upgrade the size of the HDD i could have done it one at a time to increase the size or i would have had to create the raid on the 8to and then transfer the files? (So no transfer of config: shared folders...)


    Thanks gderf for the security insight, i will look at denyhost and public/private keys.

    It should unless the user and share are configured wrong.

    Did you add the user to the sftp-access group? The user will only be chroot'd if they are in the sftp-access group -…diavault/mkconf/sftp#L109

    Yes my user is in the sftp-access group.

    I have also seen that the permissions for the shares were not configured on my sftp-access group, but even with that configured i'm still on root folder for this user.

    I also checked my permissions on this user using sFTP, and i have all permissions on my shred folders while i configure only read access for the user AND sftp-access group.
    If i use SMB or FTP the permissions are right.

    Edit: i finally only access the folder shared in the "access list" tab on sFTP, there was an option "allow access to sftp-access group only" that i didnt ticked...silly me...sorry baout that.

    Only permission issue remain, i still have all access on non system files (since my user is only a User) while it only have read permissions


    I have been trying to access my OMV data from OpenVPN, while the accessibility is easy i'm not having optimal performance.

    So i wanted to try sFTP, since it's a direct protocol unlike OpenVPN where you still need to use another protocol to transfer data (SMB, FTP...).

    I have enable sFTP pluggin, give access to one of my user with a specific share folder, however when i connect to the sFTP i'm on the root folder of my system instead of the folder i specified!! How come?

    Another question would be regarding security, the consensus seems to be that sFTP> OpenVPN+FTP, why's that? because from what i understand i'm connecting to OPenVPN whith a key thats is stored in my client thats seems quite large while with sFTP i will be using a simple password to access it via port forwarding on my ISP box, right?

    Thank you.

    Ok so i have done some extensive test and figured out some things.

    Here is my config:
    - server side: i have a Hp proliant Gen 8 installed with OMV and openvpn as a pluggin. Server is connected to my internet box with ethernet 1Gb(i have the right speed via eternet from my PC to my server for example)

    - client side: iphone/ipad with openvpn app.

    Some test i have made:
    - i have tested my real upload speed using gdrive by uploading a file directly from my PC, i had 35Mo/s
    - i have tested the bandwith from my phone directly on my network, i have 15Mo/s, the bottleneck is the wifi.
    - i have tested a feature of my box that let me share files that are on internet box (i dont know the protocol behind that), i have 7Mo/s from my phone using 4G (i think the max speed then)

    So as you can see i have «high » speed on all my tests and i know where the bottleneck is.

    However when i m trying to download from my server outside my network via openvpn via my iphone on 4G i’m only at 2Mo/s (not enough to see hd movies in streaming).

    I have also compare SMB and FTP speed on this config because i read that SMB was « chattier »:
    Server - IOS in wifi (no openvpn): FTP is 30.5MB/s while SMB only 17MB/s!
    FTP protocol seems to max out my wifi (ac)!

    So, now i’m focusing on using FTP protocol over SMB via openvpn.

    Still, with FTP and openvpn from my iphone i’m around 2.5/3Mo/s not great but now streaming of HD video works perfectly!

    Last test i have made, i have redirected the port of my ISP box directly to my FTP to access it from outside with no vpn on my iphone.
    I got 10Mo/s! So that seemed to max my 4G download!

    So I’m still trying to figure out why i can’t have more than 3Mo/s while my ISP can provide 35 UP, my FTP without VPN 10Mo/s and my vpn client 10Mo/s?

    Here is my ios openvpn config:
    clientremote IP 1194proto udpdev tunremote-cert-tls servercomp-lzocipher AES-256-CBC;auth-user-passpersist-keypersist-tunnobindresolv-retry infiniteverb 3mute 10

    I have already tested without cipher, with different MTU (seems irrelevant for ios), fragment...

    Hi thanks for helping me.

    I tried to upload to gdrive a file from the server but using my PC not the server itself.

    Regarding the streaming from my server outside my network, i used VLC to direct stream and FileExplorer to see the download speed, both app on an iphone/ipad.

    In you bottleneck list i have rulled out my internet since i have done the gdrive upload test, my router (same test)
    So it leaves the vpn, which is openvpn.
    Is it know to have transfer speed issue? Not being able to fully use your bandwith?



    I have configure a microserver gen8 with OMV 3 and OPENVPN.
    Everything is working great on a local network and also when i’m not home, i can access my server without issue.

    The only issue is that when i’m not in my local network, the download/read speed is around 2Mo/s so when i’m watching HD videos it’s always lagging (caching)...
    My upload speed test reveal that i have 25Mo/s, tested by uploading a file to gdrive.

    So what could be the bottle neck or the missing configuration to have the same transfer rate on my microserver that i have on my PC and my upload test?

    Thank you.

    Figured it out. Simply updating Mono and restarting Sonarr worked.

    How did you update Mono?

    I'm trying Docker, i have successfully install Docker and Sonarr but it seems the search on indexer doesnt work, i have error related to this but it seems more of a missing connection with SabNzb even if the test under "download client" is working.

    I also tried to import my backup file but it seems i corrupt the Docker image so i had to reinstall it.