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    Sorry, last time I was reading your post at 2 am and didn't understand well;)

    Those parameters in logind.conf are related to power buttons actions.

    HandleLidSwitch parameter only controls how the laptop's screen will react to lid close.
    Did you try HandleLidSwitchDocked parameter?

    Someone marked my topic as resolved but it isn't. I only found a workaround for my problem by disabling sleep action when I close the laptop's lid.

    But stil unresolved is: how to set screen timeout?


    There is a problem with smb protocol on android devices. All I was able to dig is that there is a problem;) No solution or explanation why.
    File over smb (first part) versus same file over webdav (second part). One ISO file ~3 GB.

    I'm getting similar results on 3 phones. Can any one point me where to look for problem? Or please explain?

    Edit: I forgot to mention than on Win10 transfer speed over smb is proper.


    I have a small home server running on an old Dell d620 laptop (T7200, 2HDD's and 4 GB or ram).
    I have migrated yesterday from OMV 3.x to 4.x. In OMV 3.x screen was turning off after some minutes but on OMV 4.x it stays on forever. I don't want to turn it off forever. Sometimes I need to do something in first person. I cannot just close the lid because the laptop goes then in sleep mode.
    Please advise a solution.