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    I am wondering what processor upgrade options I have with the HPE Proliant ML10 Gen9 (866965-S01) server I bought? It has an i3-6100 processor. Is there a Xeon I can upgrade to? It is hard to find HPE documentation.

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    @DoItMyselfToo: Did a quick search on Google and eBay. No luck on glimpsing a look inside these towers! But I managed to find some add-on cards for that particular model, so my personal guess is that it's all but uATX. And under no circumstances are uATX boards rated with somewhat 300W power draw.

    Thanks. I searched around a bit and didn't find anything, except a home NAS builder reference micro ATX but then chose a Fractal Design Define R5 ATX case for his HPE ML10 Gen9. I actually previously bought the Define R5, then saw the Node 804 cube case, which is micro ATX. I am considering selling my Define R5 and getting the Node 804, though I like all the room the R5 has for airflow.