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    What do you think about changing esternal router port only? Wouldn't that be enough to secure the "real" port (22) on the machine?

    Personally I'm using that scheme, and my authentication log is full of (failed, luckily) attemps, litke the one in the first post...

    About this

    OMV will also block user accounts after the password has been entered 3 times incorrectly.

    Do you refer to LAN connection too? I tried logging in with wrong root password, from inside my home: the third time it says "root@192.x.x.x: Permission denied (publickey,password).", then i try another time and a new "logging session" is possible as ever happened. I also checked from omv-firstaid to reset counter and omv told me there weren't ip entries to readmit.

    Finally I solved the problem: I was wrong to follow the CUPS wizard, because it's recommended for a printer connected via USB, while my Samsung ML3310ND printer is connected to the network, with an Ethernet cable.

    I went for the manual configuration, setting up my printer with LPR/LPD protocol and finally getting it controllable, at least for printing test pages from the CUPS Web GUI. I also tried RAW (aka Jetdirect), with the same results.

    I managed to share the printer over the network, but I can't see it from the Windows computers on the network. It's actually a non-problem because I can do as before without CUPS.

    Summary: Use time on CUPS only if you have a USB printer or if you have a very small amount of memory for local spooling.

    Have you tried after cleaning browser cache? Or maybe using another browser...

    However, I recollected when been installing (I did as you) and simply not caring about that message. I could, back then connect to server's_ip:631.

    Probably that error has to do with my problem as well. I'll investigate, with no haste, because actually my printer has a network card...

    Hi everyone. I've got Docker CUPS installed, and trying to configure it with a Samsung network printer.

    I'd report you all a problem: when adding the printer, which is soon find through WSD protocol. Procedure goes good actually, but when I'mprinting a test page cups warns me: "can't locate printer "SEC001599D24573.local" ". Appearently that seems something about DNS-SD and Avahi, but I'm not an Avahi expert or, worst, I coulb be completely out of the way.

    For further info, from where I derived DNS "fault":…#Unable_to_locate_printer

    I'm running OMV5 (5.3.10-1), docker 19.03.8, and got CUPS from there (--> olbat/cupsd)

    Anybody's got ideas?

    Have got the same doubt, on OMV 5. I'm using a NanoPi Neo 2 with nas bay kit

    At the moment, I left it unmounted and the system is fine.

    Worked, at least for me (OMV 5.3.8-1 on a standard x64 installation).

    The code is (formatted):

    chmod 777 /var/lib/php/sessions

    Call it from root user.

    Then, from web GUI, go to general settings and change Autologout time, as like port number.

    Thanks Apophis_93 for the solution

    Best regards