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    Okay Thanks, I'm not really strong with OMV, but I will check everything out.

    As another question, I tried it twice on a different share.

    The 1 share that is not connected anymore via the settings, can I just delete the share without impact on my onedrive?

    It was on full download/upload, but the settings are setup for the new share.


    I have just installed and set-up te OneDrive plugin.

    Am I safe to assume it will only pull the changed files from OneDrive and back-up to my Share every x minutes?

    This is what I want it to do...

    edit: oh I see I can set it to Full, download only or upload only okay.

    edit2: See my next post for my next question after editting the titel.



    I'm having 2 disks which are showing up with errors. Is this really a problem?

    How can I change these 2 disks without losing data? They are not in a RAID, but they are in diskpool with union filesystem. 1 of the disks is completely full.

    I have extra room to add 2 new disks before removing the other ones, but I'm kinda sucky with OMV haha :D

    edit: Also, my NAS is in a closet, is 40-41 degrees too much for the hdd's? Otherwise I will move the NAS so they can be cooler

    While I don't expect much to come of it; have you modified the a running container to change from R/O? (Toggle to Gray and save.)

    Yes, and it just seems to put it back to R/O automatically

    I appreciate all the help so far, I just hope getting this fixed some time soon before I have to install windows on it :D

    All I wanna do with the box is sonarr, sabnzbd and emby, nothing else really

    I'm running on amdx64. But that shouldnt really matter for docker right?
    Most likely in 4 or 5 days I will not have a solution so I'll be waiting :D
    At first I tried with the "dockeruser", but that didnt seem to work, so then I put everything on my main user which is Kenny

    I have tried Bridge mode to edit ports yes, that doesnt help.

    When I don't enter a folder for config I can run it perfectly, but then it creates a folder itself with is R/O and every time the docker restarts all the settings are gone...

    Thanks for the info!

    I have removed all the folders I have created, removed the Share and am now recreating everything following the pdf.

    I will let u know how it works out :)

    I'm now making the config folders with 0777 permissions, so everyone should have access right?

    edit: It's still not working... I have attached 5 screens with all the settings. I have no idea what the problem is. If u look at the last scren u can see that sonarr succesfully put the files in the /Config folder. So access must be fine right?

    Still I'm getting Page not found "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"
    I have also tried creating the folders as user 'Kenny' instead of root, no change.

    See attach.



    Ownership is exactly the same for all dirs I have created them all at the same time (via windows accessing the share, is that a problem?)

    When I point Sabnzbd to the Sonar config folder it works, but when I point sonarr to it, it doesn't. So it's not ownership related I think?

    I want to get this fixed so bad :/ I have been struggling with everything getting ovm installed and stuff for 2 weeks now :/

    If I would know someone I would pay to set everything up lol

    I did a test and pointed Sabnzbd /config to the folder I use for sonarr config (and doesnt work) and I can load sabnzb perfectly...


    edit: I can't fix it, I'm just gonna leave it without a /config folder defined...
    edit2: meh it automatically puts it on R/O alwasy when I dont pick a config folder. And when I change something all my settings are gone ;(

    I don't understand man... When I point SABnzb to the folder it works, when I point Sonarr it doesnt... Same fodler

    EDIT: Emby also gives me the same error as sonarr..

    I have no idea why both of them don't wanna work but sabnzb works perfectly fine :/

    Does the user and group you specified for the container via PUID and PGID actually exist as a real user and group on your system? If so, does that user and group have the correct permissions to be able to read and write to the directories you have configured in the Host Paths?

    I would avoid using /sharedfolders, and instead use the actual paths to the locations.

    Normally I think that should be fine yes. Becuase Sabnzbd has no problems working and writing to the folders. But I will look in to it.

    Can't figure it out. Whenever I point sonarr /config to my Share/Config/Sonarr it stops working.
    When I point sabnzd to it, it works perfectly :/

    Hmm I had it working, but it didn't look at the correct download folder to move & rename files from sabnzb.

    After trying some stuff I can't get to Sonarr anymore, getting page not found.

    I can connect to sabnzbd with almost the same settings but in config/sab instead of config/sonarr

    When I remove the /config line it works, but that's not as intended I guess. When I get it working I can send the downloads to sabnzb, but when they are finsihed Sonarr says he can't find any files in the downloads folder. And he seems to be looking at the wrong folder;

    while I have:
    Sonarr /downloads -> /sharedfolders/Share/Config/Sabnzbd/Downloads/complete
    Sab /downloads - /sharedfolders/Share/Config/Sabnzbd/Downloads/complete


    I've been testing a bit more.

    When I change the /config path to were I want it (Share/config/Sonarr just like i have Share/config/sabnzbd) it doesnt work anymore and I can't access the page.

    When I leave the config as default it works.

    No idea why, sabnzbd works perfectly

    How long are you waiting between the time you start the sonarr docker and attempt to connect to it? It can take a fair amount of time before the sonarr daemon becomes available.

    It's been like 20 minutes already :p

    I see I made a mistake with UID and PGID, but I fixed that and still doesnt work.

    Gonna try some more tomorrow