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    I have removed all the partitiond on a disk but it didnt help.
    I now installed debian9 and installed omv on top. Debian does accept the disks so I’m trying from there

    I format the drives in my windows box, wipe them in OMV and then when I want to greate a file system I'm getting:
    Invalid RPC response
    Failed to read file '/tmp/bgstatusJegMrw' (size=0).


    Eventhough I got those errors I was able to mount all my drives. Will everything be ok or should I worry?

    So I managed to install, boot, get it to work.

    But when I attach my storage disks it's not booting anymore. Eventhough I have removed them from the boot priority.

    Getting this then. Should i format them first with my other pc? I moved them from a qnap nas, they are empty but in raid5 still maybe from the qnap?

    Edit: did a format of the drive, still doesnt boot. When I disconnect the drive it boots fine

    Which means something went wrong with the creation of the bootable device.
    If the UEFI/BIOS doesn't see a bootable device, it won't list it, it's that simple.

    Did you update to the latest UEFI release which is F3 for that board?

    Yes I have flashed to F3.

    But if my other pc can see the usb stick, boot from it and install, I would think the usb is fine though?

    edit: I made progress!! I found some other options in the BIOS which alowed me to turn on more legacy stuff.

    Now it showed the USB, but when I boot from it, it says "isolinux.bin missing or corrupt"

    edit: ok I fixed that aswell!!

    I'm getting the OMV4 installation menu :D

    Now I just gotta fix my network card... Because it can't install it within the instalation :(

    edit: I'm gonna go to the shop and get a USB Ethernet adapter to try out and install everything.

    edit: Successfully installed it with a usb ethernet adapter! Just gonna keep using that, it's gigabit so it's gotta be the same as my motherboard.

    edit: After the install with the usb ethernet adapter it automatically recognized my onboard eth adapter so I can use that :D

    If it doesn't boot, assuming you selected the right device, then the device isn't bootable.

    It doesnt show anything bootable when I press F12.

    But when I put the same usb in my other computer I can perfectly install OMV.

    So must be something with the bios uefi that doesnt wanna do it. I almost just wanna get another board lol would be the easiest :p

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    Thanks for the tips. I will try when I get home!

    Edit: Something else I have tried is putting the ssd in my other computer and install OMV on it.

    But when I put it back in my new server it doesn’t find anything bootable...

    I find that strange, eventough it’s different hardware it should find something to boot from ?

    Which version of Debian are you using?

    I had no problem with my Gigabyte Z270N-WiFi with Debian 9, nor with the same OMV ISO you tried.
    My board has two different Intel Ethernet controllers and both worked fine. I presume you have an i219V.

    How did you create the ISO? Try using it's very simple to use and reliable.
    Also, press F12 to boot from the USB drive, do not use UEFI boot.


    I have installed the latest version of Debian (I have tried 2 of the latest so far), in this case it was Debian Cinnamon. Maybe I should try to install plain debian?

    But best case would be to just get OMV4 installed right away of course... I don't know why it doesn't want to install on my motherboard...
    I have created iso's on usb with countless apps, etcher, rufus, win32, LiLi, etc...

    When I put the usb in my other computer I can install omv without any problems, but when I put it in the server with the Gigabyte motherboard it doesn't get recognized...


    I've been struggling for days now getting OMV to work on my new hardware.

    Motherboard: Gigabyte B360M D3H
    CPU: Intel Core i3-8100
    SSD + 4GB RAM

    I have no idea what's happening but I can't boot from the usb disk I created with the OMV4 iso.

    When I insert a usb with win10 iso it works perfectly
    When I insert the OMV4 usb in my other computer it works perfectly

    I have removed the ssd from the server, put it in my other pc, boot from usb and installed OMV4 on it. Works perfectly
    I put the SSD back in my server to test, doesn't find any bootable media

    Is there anything I'm potentially missing?
    I'm using "openmediavault_4.1.3-amd64.iso"