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    After upgrading to OMV 5 and wrestling with portainer for about a day, I have most of my images up and running again, but am still running into many obstacles. The big one for me right now is I have no clue how to forward ports in this UI. In the old Docker interface for OMV I would use the options available to just run the image in host mode and then forward whatever port it was using inside the image to a more desirable one in the host. But I haven't been able to replicate this in portainer.



    I think my main point of confusion is I don't understand where to insert the port options as specified


    I don't understand, is the -p something that goes in the environment variables? Is it a command that gets run? If so where do I add it? I've never really completely understood how the values that people write out for docker configurations translate to ones in the GUI. All I want to do is change the port the image is running on since I'm starting to install images that are set to use the same default port.


    I'm sure I'm missing something obvious but I haven't been able to get the options under the "Network port configuration" or the advanced network tab to do anything.

    Thank you so much for your suggestion, that was definitely the direction I was leaning towards. What is involved with making the docker instances public in terms of port forwarding? Is the OMV Nginx plugin used to reverse proxy to the docker instance?

    Hi all, I am wondering if there are any pages specifically on the subject of site hosting with openmediavault, as I am working on relaunching some applications I had in use previously and would like to avoid certain pitfalls I found with my last install. I mainly need to run a few WordPress sites and a NextCloud install. In my last install I achieved this pretty easily by giving each subdomain a folder within www and managing them through Nginx, however keeping Nextcloud on the most recent update started causing problems mainly due to the difference in PHP version. I am not sure about what PHP version OMV currently uses but I think staying on 7.0 was starting to create some issues.

    What would most people say is the best way to host a site on OMV? I think one option would simply be to rely on the Nginx plugin and not worry about keeping on bleeding edge releases, however I think this might mean using older versions of things like Nextcloud. Would one solution be to run Nginx through docker with its own PHP version and forward the port through the OMV Nginx plugin? In this case, would it matter whether the database was handled through the MariaDB plugin or should that also be done through docker? I understand the best solution might be just to host the sites on their own separate machine, though I did really enjoy being able to manage the sites through the OMV gui. Very curious as to how people usually handle this.

    Was anyone ITT able to get this running with a letsencrypt cert? I installed Openvpn-access server and it functions perfectly, but I'm not sure how to get https encryption working properly. Right now I have an Nginx server that redirects to the openvpn client port, and attempting to generate a certificate from the letsencrypt plugin doesn't seem to work.

    The setup on the device is such that I have pointed serving a wordpress folder, pointed at a nextcloud folder, and pointed at a blank folder and has a redirect rule to https://192.168.x.x:950 which I set to be the client openvpn web page. Certificates for the wordpress and nextcloud sites work perfectly, but I can't seem to make it work for the VPN.