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    Actually, I have found the same issue and I am able to use the new certificate the following way:

    1. Open the Lets Encrypt entry in the menu and select your certificate.
    2. from the options, select "Renew certificate". It will tell you that no renewal is needed as the certificate is not yet due to renewal.
    3. You will get the "Apply changes" dialog. Once you click apply, the new certificate will be used.

    My question would be:
    Why is the Lets Encrypt plugin not able to handle that configuration update on its own once the certificate got renewed?

    Anybody able to answer that?


    I have an OMV 4 running which is basically running very fine.
    I only have one issue that I have not been able to solve until now and which has closed me off from the system once.

    I am using LetsEncrypt plugin to update my certificate. This certificate is then used by OMV, which is basically working fine.

    However, the renewal period is configured to be 1 month, so I should get a new certificate shown in the browser, which is accessing OMV. In my case, the certificate that is shown in the browser is not updated.
    In example: My certificate has been created at 04th Jan 2019, so it was valid until 3rd April 2019. Even if certbot and the LE plugin has successfully updated the certificate on the file system, OMV was not using it. I had to click "Generate" in the LE plugin section, after that OMV was aware of the new plugin and the browser also showed the correct expiration date of 3rd July 2019 (not sure of the exact dates, but I hope the issue is clear with that sample).

    I have no idea how to tell OMV automatically to use the new certificate as I thought this would be done by the LE plugin as well...

    Can you please assist with this issue and share your ideas?


    Hi guys,
    I guess, this is caused by my own fault:
    I have removed a plugin from another thread ([Sensors] OMV-Sensors in OMV 4.1.x) to try to get it to a newer version.
    After deletion of this, the OMV startscreen (dashboard) is no longer accessible. Only the OMV logo is displayed on top of the browser.

    I guess this is because a reference to a graph from the removed plugin is still somewhere in the system and now it cannot find the plugin, which is causing exceptions.

    Can you please let me know, where to see the configuration of the dashboard page on a file system level?
    Everything else is working fine, so that is the only issue I can see so far.



    I tried the plugin, but it does not seem to work as smoothly as usually expected for OMV.
    Is there any further instruction or troubleshooting needed?
    I need to say, that on my machine lm-sensors is already giving correct results, but without a way to put it into a GUI.

    Thanks for the effort!