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    Hi everyone,

    before I do something stupid, I think I ask beforehand :D

    My setup is running latest OMV 3.x on a Debian Jessie install with jessie-backports kernel (v4.9bpo6 currently). The installation of Debian was done before OMV, and does not come from a OMV-Debian-ISO but from a plain Debian ISO. OMV was installed afterwards by standard Debian apt commands. I don't know how that differs from installation via OMV-Debian-ISO but I want to keep it somehow unentangled because I don't understand what the OMV-Debian-ISO does differently from a "normal" Debian.

    So how would I proceed with my update to OMV 4? I would propose that order:

    1) Disable OMV 3 plugins unavailable in OMV 4
    2) Prevent OMV from automatically starting. In order to not start it accidentally on Stretch when OMV packages are not updated yet. (Is it necessary? Which parts would be critical?)
    3) Do Debian dist-upgrade to Stretch
    4) Do update of OMV packages to 4.x
    5) Re-enable automatic starting of OMV components (if not already done by OMV 4 itself)

    Is that correct? Are there any caveats I should be aware of? Are steps missing? Is the order wrong?

    Is it advisable to take the mdadm drive array offline while updating or is it better left online such that OMV 4 has a valid configuration to migrate?

    Any helpful comments are welcome.

    Best regards