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    To resolve the

    inotify.c:195: warn: WARNING: Inotify max_user_watches [8192] is low or close to the number of used watches [2878] and I do not have permission to increase this limit.  Please do so manually by writing a higher value into /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches.

    please read http://forums.openmediavault.o…p?f=13&t=520&p=8103#p8103

    Also pay attention to the DLNA log file for other errors. Sometimes DLNA will error for problems with filenaming and so forth which will need to be corrected.

    Quote from "bysard"

    I tried copying old interface file from 0.4 on the same hardware to 0.5. The bonding works but as soon as I (I said said many times now) only change the IP on bond interface the network setup crashes and you see a new interface file with double lines inserted. Please explain how can this be a Linux distro fault?

    This may not be a Linux distro fault. And I apologize if some of this is repetitive. Since the file from 0.4 works - until - the IP is changed on the bond interface.

    How is the IP being changed? Is it from the GUI and a selected option, by using OMV-firstaid, automagically from the OS/OMV, or edited by using an editor like nano? Your best thoughts. Mine is by the GUI.

    Also the settings are very likely in the /etc/openmediavault/config.xml file. My single NIC is. I did not mention this file earlier as I did not realize the NIC configs would be there as well. They could be spread through the file though I doubt it. They are probably in the <interfaces> section.

    NOTE: editing the config.xml file could render the OMV system inoperable. Back it up before editing.

    Since the 0.4 file seems to work I would only edit the interfaces & config.xml file with nano and not with the GUI. I would also save a copy of each file. Reason being is when updating OMV, OMV will sometimes overwrite settings we users may make. They are ones we probably shouldn't mess with and they usually are not part of the options in the GUI. By having the copy it is easy to go back to the settings we prefer.

    Please continue to be patient with us, we understand this is easily duplicateable on your system though I personally don't know of any one doing NIC bonding. NIC bonding apparently is done in business and in server farms. Please give tekkbebe some time as he is one of the devs working hard on porting things over to OMV 0.5

    Thanks for understanding.


    Also - different topic out of curiosity - Why does the OMV server seem to have constant problems? I either can't open pages - get errors for pages - or they just take forever to open. This happens using different machines and browsers - Windows XP - WIndows 7 - FIrefox - Explorer

    If you are referring to the forum server there have been some problems. If you are talking about your OMV server as tekkbebe suggested it might be the system drive.

    You may want to check the drive connections.

    I had a similar issue about six months ago and it turned out I had not fully seated the power connector for the drive. The system was on for about a month when the problems started. Was concerned about a bad drive. Once I properly seated the power connector all was well and has been for since.

    Back up is your friend as this article states.

    You can have a raid whatever and unfortunately one fire, one blown power supply or major power surge may take it out. Yes a raid will help keep your data online and available, but it is not a backup in the true sense of what a backup is. It is merely redundant. Hope you have a good backup.

    Nice build and plenty of room for expansion. Try to get a Gold or better rated power supply. It will be pricey but will help keep energy costs down.

    Are you sure the chirping is not the PSU's fan? I've had some fans make some odd noises. If you feel comfortable about opening the power supply and removing the fan you may be able to oil it. I've got some fans that are 15 plus years old and still working well. Just a couple of drops of oil when they start making noise. Just be sure to use electric motor oil.

    It seems as though things are reacting to what you are trying with the different responses you are getting. And my guess is things are fairly close to where they may need to be.

    Going back through this - did you ever get a good working copy of OMV 0.4's interfaces file? I could be wrong but it seems to me the details would be there on how to get the interfaces file set in OMV 0.5.

    Also this may or may not help

    I hope some of our other users can help out here. As I'm out of suggestions on how to help. Sorry. Good luck.

    Seems like just a bit 'overkill' for the home. Though once it gets all figured out it should work very smoothly. Also just a note to you as I have not seen anyone other posts here in the forum about NIC bonding. You are probably only one of a few doing it with OMV.

    Appreciate you keeping us posted and good luck.

    I would suggest revisiting the Bonding & NIC Teaming links in my previous post and see if you can determine how to edit the file to manually add the bonding. Since the error changed it seems as though it is trying to work but it just is not configured properly. I'm sorry I can't be of more help but this is a level of networking I have not dealt with. I've only read about it.

    When I edit files like these I will save the original as you did and then comment out # the lines of code in the copy that I feel are not needed. I also add comments about lines I add or change - to include the date, source and original values, so I can figure out later what it was I was trying to do.

    That Mikrotik Routerboard RB493G is a very interesting piece of hardware. Looking at it and with what you are trying to do it is probably safe to say this setup is not being used in a home.

    Please keep us updated on what is happening so we can improve OMV.

    Good Luck

    When installing were all the data drives disconnected from the motherboard and the only connected drive the one to install the OMV system on? OMV works from a system drive and separate data drives. After OMV is installed onto a system drive, then power down and connect the data drives.

    The following lines are duplicated;

    bond-slaves eth0 eth1
    bond-primary eth0
    bond-mode 0
    bond-miimon 100
    bond-downdelay 200
    bond-updelay 200

    and when this happens it always makes me ask why?

    Did some reading to understand NIC bonding and came up with Bonding and NIC Teaming. I saw the file/program 'ifenslave' is needed. I tried

    find / -name 'ifenslave'

    on my 0.4.38 install and it was found. Could you also do a find to see if it is in your 0.5 install?

    Also found out the switch needs to support NIC Bonding/Link Aggregation as well. Which I suspect yours does as the 0.4 install worked with it.

    Please be patient with me as I am only at the basic level of understanding NIC bonding.

    Guys, do we know what Debian file or files control NICs? If we do, can we do a file comparison between 0.4 and 0.5 to see if there are differences. Are the kernal builds the same between 0.4 and 0.5? Also then possibly the files from 0.4 could be copied to a 0.5 system. But who else has this particular NIC down to the same firmware version to test it? Doing this is purely to try and troubleshoot the problem. The reason I say this is it sounds like it may somehow be a Debian issue rather than OMV. Like tekkbebe suggests maybe a backport.

    Could 0.5 be installed onto a Debian squeeze install? Yes I know OMV is built on it but I'm trying to find where the difference lies.

    This I believe is going to take some time and a bit of work to solve.

    About the 3Com 3C2000-T Gigabit Network Interface Card. It seems to be an older card, as the last user review was about seven years ago. An Amazon review is also seven years old and says the card was discontinued.

    Unfortunately the only one I can think of to help us determine where the issue lies is bysard. I can only hope he is willing to help us resolve this.

    To me it looks like it is a thumbstick made to fit an IDE slot. Looked at their FAQ's - Blank, Awards - Blank - not good.

    Looked at Amazon for IDE drives - and found several for less than $30 USD, might be refurbs. If you search a bit you should be able to find someone with new IDE drives at similar prices.

    A regular HDD would be better in my thinking.

    Yes you should be able to move the data drives to the new system. But... I believe only connected to the motherboard like they are presently, I would not connect them to the Adaptec board as it may have some thing going on itself. You will want to find the manual for the Adaptec to find out it's capabilities and you may want to replace the batteries as they may be old.

    Just to be safe I would back up the data drives before connecting them to the Adaptec.

    Good Luck.


    Sorry have not go back to you on this, life has a funny way of getting in the way of life. I reedited the first post with a corrected date setup that does work. I feel pretty stupid as I had not noticed the "Test" option in the cron jobs.

    Will post more later.

    Take Care & Enjoy.