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    You might have to reconfigure the network interface. You can do that with omv-firstaid from the CLI.

    Everything is running fine, i thought i would have the same MAC address as i was using the same ETH card but it was changed... Anyway, i've done the omv-firstaid and re-forward ports on my router with the same fixed local IP as before and Docker and containers are running fine! :):thumbup:


    Looks like the system clone is now booting on the new computer.
    the screen was black when plugged in the new intel IGPU...But booting fine on the new Nvidia card.
    So i'll try to plug everything back to the new computer including the same ethernet card from the old one.
    And cross my fingers :)


    I'm planning to move my server ton another more powerful computer.
    After trying to clone and just plug the system drive without success (and to lazy to solve the drivers problems...), i've decided to fully reinstall Debian+xfce+OMV on the new computer with the same configuration (username and passwords..).
    Now, i'd like to move my Docker, containers and shared folders (in fact my entire DATA drive) to the new system.
    Docker folder is already on the DATA drive, not on the system drive. (following TechnoDadLife on how to move Docker folder)
    My question is:

    Can i just plug the DATA drive , set the shared folders in the new OMV and point the Docker folder path in Portainer to migrate everything?
    Should i install docker first on the new OMV before and migrate (export) all the containers one by one?

    My setup:
    - 250GB SSD (system drive) with Debian+xfce+OMV
    - 4To DATA drive with Docker folder, containers and shared folders (appdata, media, download...) (Docker folder is in appdata shared folder)
    - 4To DATABACKUP drive, backing up the DATA drive sharedfolders (appdatabackup, mediabackup, downloadbackup...) with OMV rsync.

    (both machines are on the same network at home. the actual server is still running and using ports 80-443...etc for the moment)

    Well... i'm a bit lost and don't want to mess with my data and beloved containers as it's a first time for me to migrate...:)
    So if someone could point me to the best strategy to adopt without breaking everything...

    Thanks in advance ;)