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    My bad. I did not searched in this forum, i searched other forums with google to no avail regarding this problem.
    I assumed the images that are listed in the docker plugin where compatible. I will watch out for docker images with arm suffix in the future.

    Thanks for pointing me to the correct information.

    I have my HC2 up and running again.
    Does anyone know why i get this error message in docker with all different images? -> standard_init_linux.go:190: exec user process caused "exec format error"
    Also is there any fix or special config for the WOL plugin? The Network Device drop down list is empty.

    Thanks for the how to.
    Unfortunately i have two issues with OMV4.
    First there is no Subsonic plugin and docker seems not working.
    Secondly after the latest kernel and omv update over the omv GUI the system does not boot anymore.
    Glady this is not a production system. Next time i will make an image before updating.


    i successfully installed latest OMV 3.x on Odroid HC2. Also the let's encrypt and subsonic plugin.
    Subsonic works locally, but when i try to to access it over internet with my ddns account, it redirects to the local ip in the browser. proxy pass is enabled via the subsonic plugin.
    OMV can be accessed via ddns and ssl.
    Can someone assist?

    Best regards