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    I resorted using omv-firstaid, now the ipv4 is the correct one (but before configuring the net with it I deleted /etc/systemd/

    Just for my curiosity/learning, what does omv-firstaid do?

    Thank you very much,

    I did a check with my colleagues, I have to recreate only 2 users, so the job is easy.

    I destroyed the old virtual machine and created a new one, but I'm struggling assigning the ip address in a ststic way.

    The modem/nat is configured as dhcp server, but I reserved the ip I need for the mac address of the virtual machine.

    At this point I installed OMV in the virtual machine, it went fine but configured the network by dhcp and assigned a different ipv4 address.

    In order to assign the right ip I modified the /etc/network/interfaces file and created /etc/systemd/ file the way suggested on the Debian guide, so now they behave in the same manner (old and new network configuration files) but still I receive a wrong ip address.

    How can I modify this behavior?

    Thank you very much.

    Thank you :)

    Your answer is making me thinking about one thing: :/

    the OMV virtual machine is behind a Nat.

    Behind the same Nat there is an internal domain but OMV is not in there (in the domain, I mean).

    Could it be possible that OMV is pointing the same DNS as the workstations inside the domain?

    Tomorrow morning I'll see...

    Do you have an answer for the second question?

    Can I back-up users, directories and data from an old OMV and restore/import them in a fresh install?

    This way I can by-pass any system related upgrading issue and start again from a blank/fresh system.

    Good morning,

    this is my very first post thanks to the fact that I installed OMV about an year ago (4.x) and it always worked fine, but now I have an issue.

    I'm using OMV primarily as an Ftp server (almost exclusively), it is installed on a virtual machine on a Qnap Nas (I used the provided iso) and I usually update it connecting via SSH with Putty with the following lines:

    # apt update

    # apt upgrade

    # apt autoclean

    #apt autoremove

    When I noticed that the 5.x version was available I did:

    # apt update

    # apt dist-upgrade

    rebooted and did my usual update routine.

    Now the problem, after dist-upgrading, apt is unable to resolve

    I tried several times to modify the /etc/apt/sources.list file, appending to every line a different distro name (stable, stretch, buster) or changing the mirror (,,, trying the update routine for every change, but still I get the error.

    I have no problems with the users and folders created before the update, but now I receive several errors creating new users and granting them rights using the interface.

    Is there a way to address the issue?

    If not, can I save my existing users, folders and data to format the machine and create a new one?

    Thank a lot in advance, kind regards

    Good morning, this is my first post in this forum, so I'll obviously say:
    Hello World!

    As you can read from the title, I just installed OMV (for now a virtual machine (VM) on a Qnap Nas at work, Debian based, then I'll install it at home for my personal Nas; I'll make it with Raspberry Pi 3 and 2 650Gb disks) and I have a space issue.

    At first I gave 20Gb of space for the installation (from the office Nas to the VM), I did the installation, then I added space to 5Tb and tried to create a partition with both fdisk and cfdisk.
    The first couldn't create a partition bigger than 1024Kb ?(
    The second can address space limited to 2Tb, so I reduced the space for the VM (ok, I destroyed the old VM and created a new one of 8Gb, then I added space to a little less than 2Tb; due to a limitation of the Nas system the VM space couldn't be reduced) and now I have 3 partitions (tha Nas calls the virtual hd vda):
    - vda1 with the system 6Gb
    - vda5 swap space 2Gb, as the ram I assigned to the VM
    - vda3 data space 1,8Tb
    I used Ext4 as filesystem, formatted by command line but mounted under the browser, so if I create a shared folder the GUI points to vda3 correctly.

    When I gave 5Tb cfdisk was able to recognize the space, but it didn't let me create anything over the 2Tb cylinder, so I had 3Tb of unusable space.
    How can I get rid of this limitation?

    I'm using OMV to create an Ftp server and the users asked me for a bigger space.

    Thank you very much in advance :)