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    Thanks again for your help, it was the nudge I needed to give Docker a try.

    Have followed the excellent guide from flvinny521 and am up and running.

    Hi, Sorry if this is a "noob" question, but I'm having the same trouble as Tuppe, but i'm not running Sonarr on Docker.
    I simply have Sonarr installed on a Mac OS with the following details:

    • Sonarr Version:
    • Mono Version: 4.0.2

    I'm running into the same error that Tuppe was: Syntax Error after '<!' characters. Line 3, position 4.

    I'm not as tech-savvy as everyone else and would appreciate a little guidance in how to get Sonarr up and running again. If my Mono Version is not up to date, what are the steps in getting it up to date?

    I'd appreciate any help you can throw my way.