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    we'v heard about a script on how to move,delete,etc.. torrents once its downloaded. But my concern is a little bit different.
    how can we, or is there a script to remove canceled download in .incomplete folder?
    I know that every torrent client has this feature if user decides to cancel the torrent by just selecting "remove from list and data".
    Or by manually Going to .incomplete folder then erase it yourself. Would be nice if there is a script that can do that. Checks INCOMPLETE folder and remove it if non found in TORRENTLIST.

    Thanks :)

    Any idea on how to solve this. it happens on every fresh install that i make. the install went fine without issue. this occurs if i save and hit apply.

    I finally fixed all the issues i had yesterday. There is one thing that i want to make sure though. Its about the correct IP in /etc/default/docker. ( addons can't be downloaded without modifying this).

    I have been using this based on this old docker thread

    DOCKER_OPTS="-H -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock"

    On this thread, kalle-del-haye had success using this (I changed mine to my IP)


    Both works for me.. Which of the following is more proper?

    1. do we need to change something in watchdog's settings.xml, or leave it as it is?
    2. After the add-ons has been downloaded, do we remove KODIADDONS=metadata.universal|service.watchdog in ENV, or leave it there too? cuz i thing its re-downloading everytime i restart the container or restarts OMV.


    One thing, is watchdog activated or i need to do something more?

    im seeing this in my log

    I have been using kodi-server based from this thread and it work great till now.

    Today, i decided to move forward and use the docker-gui. But i was greeted by unfamiliar features that i cant seem to understand.

    I have been using this command:

    docker run -d --restart=always --net=host -e MYSQLip= -e MYSQLport=3306 -e MYSQLuser=myuser -e MYSQLpass=mypass -e KODIWATCHDOG=true -v /opt/kodi:/opt/kodi-server/share/kodi/portable_data nicjo814/docker-kodi-headless:15.0

    Anyone care to help on how to put the old configuration on the new GUI please.