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    That´s not mandatory. The drives (USB or eSATA) can be selected in the USB backup plugin selection field even when they are not mounted. But they must be formatted with a valid file system (EXT4 is perfect :) ) and physically plugged-in.
    And in order to start a USBbackup job they may not be mounted manually before. After creating a backup job the job should start the next time the device is connected.

    Yes, thank you. Left the drive unmounted, ran the job and it's working.

    So Windows cannot see my shares, yet Linux can see the share but will not connect. Get this error Unable To mount location. Failed to retrieve share list from server: connection refused
    My Android phone can see the share (via ESfile explorer), asks for user & pass but that fails and it keeps asking.

    • Both smbd and nmbd are running.
    • Windows PC are in WORKGROUP.
    • Firewall is off.

    I've rebooted all my machines but still nothing.

    It's just frustrating that something like this just doesn't work out the box. :(

    Remove the ZFS plugin.
    On the command line do the following:

    apt-get clean
    apt-get update

    Then install it again.

    You are running OMV 3.0.X right?

    Yes, thing is it did actually install and I have a ZFS mirror setup and running. Even got my first folder added and shared via SMB/CIFS, just need to figure out why my Windows PC can't see the server of share.

    When I say I've installed ZFS, the plugin is currenlty installing but with errors.

    cp: cannot stat '/var/lib/dkms/spl/': No such file or directory
    cp: cannot stat '/var/lib/dkms/spl/': No such file or directory

    Thank you, and yes I'm easy and will try a ZFS.

    Thank you, and yes I'm easy and will try a ZFS.

    So I've added 2 3TB WD Reds, formatted to ext4 and mounted them. But when I come to setup a mirror no drives are listed, not even the OS drive.

    Any help would be great as I can't figure out why they would not be listed.

    So just installed 3.0.74 but cannot update. This is the error I go from just one item "base-files 8+debu9" get pretty much the same for all item in the update management.

    What would the best option be for creating some off site backup?

    My thoughts at present are to use the USB Backup plugin to backup just my important files to a USB drive that once a month will be removed to a off site location and another USB drive put it its place. Then just rotate them once a month.

    Would this work? I'm also going to research installing CrashPlan for some cloud backup unless there's a better solution you guys know about?