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    Hi there !

    I am a totaly new and i am discovering OMV witch seems totaly great !

    I have a problem : I dowloaded the last version of OMV for RPI (i have a RPI 3), i unzip its, i format my Micro SD Card 16go Sandisk with Sd formater, then i burn the img with Etcher on the SD. I put the SD into my rpi, i switch the power on and... A lot of things are failing... but i have an IP adress... I go on my browser, past and cut the Ip adress and... Nothing... I try agin to format, to burn the img many times, i tryed on another Sd card... Same results... I looked if the probleme came from my rooter box, no problem... Recallbox, Rasplex, Xbmc work perfectly and are connected... I tryed to connected as admin and root user and... i don't understand why it's not working. I put you somes screenshots, if you have an idea ? Maybe my SD cards are corrupted ?