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    Minitool was not able to resize the EXT4 partition. I am familiar with gparted also and will try that. Is gparted an extension or do I install in manually in SSH? Also, I found I am unable to unmount the data drive in OMV. Is there some secret to unmounting a data drive that is referenced?

    Also, I should note that I am running headless, so cannot use live CD/USB approach. I must either remove the drive and put it on another system or find a way to unmount the drive to work on it using SSH on OMV.

    EDIT: I tried many ways to unmount the drive within OMV, but it would not budge. So I just shut down OMV and plugged the USB data drive into a Linux laptop, and used resize2fs on the laptop. There must be some way to simply unmount a drive in OMV, but I could not find it. At least, without having to remove all references to the drive which would have been rather complex and time consuming to recreate when done.

    I have a USB3 data drive that was 4TB. I used MiniTool to clone that onto a 10TB USB3 drive. However, Minitool did not allow me to expand the data partition. It is still 4TB. Now that the 10TB drive is installed on OMV, it works great. But still at 4TB data drive size. How to I expand the partition (/dev/sdb1) to fill the entire drive?

    Thanks! Actually, your comment gave me the idea I needed to research ngnix and found the solution. Using the OMV Gui, under Services/Ngnix/Servers, select the web site you want to password protect. Then click Edit, and at the bottom there is a box for "Extra options". In that box add (without the numbers):

    auth_basic "Administrator Login";
    auth_basic_user_file /srv/dev-disk-by-label-4TB/Public/WebSite/.htpasswd;

    but replace the 'srv/dev..../Public/WebSite/' with whatever your location is for your website folders. Use the normal method of creating the .htpasswd file, and place it in the MAIN directory of your websites (NOT in the website directory itself). Working perfectly for me!

    I have created .htaccess and .htpasswd files and put them in my root web root directory (above the directory of the web site I want to project) but it appears there is something else I need to configure? I also tried putting the files in the web site's directory itself, but still no joy. Can someone coach me on what I would type into the webui of OMV for this Nginx site?