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    Hello, thank you very much for your answer,
    I have been reporting and understand the error messages, including some things at the beginning of the installation, in fact I prefer to know that I can not access.
    What I do not understand, is that because after trying to burn the image by active and passive in several SD, in different OS, waiting for nights to "finish installing" still can not enter OMV.
    As you can see in the attached images, the problem lies in the non-initiation of the nginx web server. Possibly because the image downloaded is wrong or because of the burning of it.
    He tried trying to enter by ssh, with the only active user "root", but as the documentation says

    "SSH keys are regenerated on first boot but SSH login has to be enabled in web UI prior to usage

    so I connected a screen and show me that when trying to access the user, to change the key, when the change I missed an error, tty1, so I can not access any of the machine.
    Other OS, like raspbian and hypriot work perfectly.
    I'm very sorry about the capitals.
    A greeting and thanks in advance.

    Is it connected to wired internet? Did you wait 30 minutes for the system to be ready?

    I have tried connecting it directly to the router and other times to an electrical tplink.
    I've been up all night without touching anything of the raspberry but I keep getting the same message.
    I do not know what else to do.
    I think it's a problem of writing the sd but I can not figure out what's wrong, it's very strange to me.
    A greeting and thanks in advance.

    Hello good night,
    I've been trying to install OMV 4 on my raspberry pi 3 for 3 days, I've tried several installation methods, always under the image that you provide:IMAGE
    (Linux) Burn the image with etcher.
    (Win) Burn the image with etcher.
    (Win) Burn the image with win32 image writer.
    I have tried to record the image in the microsd:
    2Old Micro SD eb-flash, HC, 4gb FLASH
    And I always get the following errors, I've been looking and nobody comes up with anything like it, that is possible to fail.
    I hope your answer.
    A greeting and thanks in advance.