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    sorry, your share is correct and df show correct use & available space, so I do not know why is show incorrect on windows, perhaps must be to quota related, but I not sure.

    Thanks, I had to backup then delete the data from the share and then reuploaded it (over SMB), it's working now displaying the correct used space in both quota and windows.
    Perhaps I should file an issue on bugtracker if there is any :s

    simply, do not share root filesystem

    eg: you can share /srv/yourdisk/Video and free space is show correctly

    you can't share /srv/yourdisk because free space error that you can see ( and because you use space on "/" so you can easy frozen your install).

    I have not shared the root fs.
    Is there any way to to fix this? Or do I have to manually copy and reupload the files to the shared folders?


    I have a problem where the "Used capacity" displays incorrect or 0 value (also on SMB), but there are GBs of files in the shared folder.
    The edit quota also displays:

    NameUsed capacityQuotaUnit




    The corresponding samba shares displays 0 used space too.
    This happened after few updates, before that the displayed values were correct.
    Rebooting did not help.

    How to fix this?

    I have a problem setting up my Duplicati container, I've a sharedfolder that permissions are assigned to the group "office" (so the owner is root, the group is "office" and others has no access).
    In Duplicati I can't access the sahredfolder because of permissions, I've tried adding the 'docker' user to the permissions of the sharedfolder, but it did not work.
    Also there is an other sharedfolder with a different group that I would like to add to this container.

    How to fix this, so that my container has access to these sharedfolders?

    Fixed by assigning root PUID and PGID to the container.

    No sir, there is a router.
    I didn't fill the parent value when creating the macvlan adapter, now I've entered the interface name that's connected to the router and it works! :)

    With that aside, is it possible to broadcast the "Bridge" ip addresses ( to the local ( network, so I could reach the docker container by the 172.17.0.x ip address from a remote machine on the network?


    I'm trying to make my docker containers run with an IP on the local network (192.168..etc) but no success.
    When I set it to "Host" or "Bridge" adapter, the container is using the OMV hosts IP.
    I also tried setting up a macvlan network but it did not work.

    Any suggestions? :(