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    Thank you cabrio_leo.

    In my case, smart info is shown under crystal disk info in windows but no under omv?? It makes sense?? I understand that if crystal disk info is able to read data also omv...?¿?

    The usb external case is a Seagate Expansion 6TB . seagate 6TB

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi all!

    I have some usb external drivers that i use to do data copies. These external usb drives are not shown on smart tab under storage. ¿¿Would be possible to shown that info in order to check general status of external drives?? If not, is there any way to shown general status of these external drives under omv??

    Thank you.


    I have just upgraded my server from lga 1155 to lga 1150 (i have changed motherboard, cpu and memory). The motherboard with lan onboard is Asrock H81M-HDS R2.0

    System boots correcty with correct order in hard disk but i have a message that "no network interface".

    See picture;

    After that, i login as root and try "ip addr". and this is the result.

    Could you pls help me??

    If helps, both lights (orange & green) at lan port are always on.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Good day,

    I have omv installed and working perfectly (omv 4.1.9) but I want to change the platform (from socket 1155 to 1150), so I would change the mainboard and processor. I know it's not the cleanest way but I'm very lazy to reconfigure everything. If I change "on the fly" mainboard and cpu and leave omv hdd, would it work?

    I mean, is it necessary to do a fresh install of omv or can i reuse my omd hdd instalattion in order to save time with all configs??

    If not, could i do a backup of something similar to save time in my new setup??

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi!! i 'm thinking to use UFS plugin in my installation of OMV 4. I'm wondering what will happen if my OS installation failed, would we possible to restore data from hard disk regarding UFS pool?? I know that UFS pool fails if one disk fails, but what happens if OS hard disk fails?? Would be possible to restore UFS pool or as OS installation failed also i will lost data in UFS pool ??

    Thank you. :)


    I would like to use this plugin (OMV 4.1.9) with 2 external usb 3.0 cases for a second unit of backup. My internal main hdd (5tb) is firstly backup with an external usb case of 6 tb and I would like to use 2 external usb cases without use of 3tb each to merge with UFS plugin in a 6tb and use it as a second unit of backup (to use with rsync service).

    Maybe is not the best idea to use ufs plugin as backup but I have 2 units of - 3TB external cases without use, so I prefer to use as an additional backup hdd.

    Will it work??

    I also have a 2 bay docking station. Would be better to take the 2x3tb hdd and use ufs plugin with docking station directly instead of external usb cases?? (with docking station I would use only 1 usb 3.0 vs 2 usb 3.0 with external cases).

    Thanks for your help.

    You need to reconfigure the job because the filesystem devicefile has been changed.

    thanks votdev. I didn't mentioned that, but when i renamed the label i also erased the backup job. After that. when i plugged in again the external case (this time without label) i created a new one backup job. So i did it, but still not work...

    I attach a screenshot of the backup job and the file system again, if it helps:

    thanks in advance.

    Thank you votdev. I have erased rename label as you said in windows and later plug it again in omv.

    See external case without filesystem label:

    If i plug the external case and wait some time nothing happens automatically and if i tried to execute usbbackup by my side, same error that before... (disk not mounted, although it is mounted)

    After that, if i checked again in file systems, external case is not mounted in a endless circle.

    Any idea??

    Thanks all!

    No problem votdev, take your time. I'm newbie in omv, update will be done automatically or i should check any tab and do it the updating??
    Just for my info, how can change the filesystem label?? I have checked some tabs but i can't find a way to do it.

    Thank you!

    Hi! First of all this is my first message in the forum. Sorry for my english is not good but i will try to explain fine.
    I have a problem with usb backup plugin 4.0.5-1.
    I have connected an external usb case to backup some data from internal hdd to external case and keep copies of my files.

    First thing i do is mount the external usb case:

    Then i go to usb backup plugin in services and add a new usb backup.

    But when i try to run/execute the backup job, omv shows that disc is not mounted.... (remember that i have mounted the disc before)

    The issue, besides, is that after that message, when i go to file systems, external usb case now is not mounted...

    So seems that i'm in a circle...

    Maybe is a bug?? Am i doing something wrong??

    Thank you!! :)

    Edit-> Sorry, seems that pics is not shown directly... i don't know why although i see perfectly when i wrote the thread...