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    well, i need portainer to use docker (i'm really bad with CLI)

    when i try to reinstall it, it failed (i removed and reinstalled) :

    Thank you to consider my problem.

    I've tryed to do it.

    At the end off the reinstallation i have :

    Successfully installed docker.
    >>> *************** Error ***************
    communication failure
    <<< *************************************
    >>> *************** Error ***************
    <<< *************************************

    and then i've lost Web GUI and SSH. ping is ok

    after reboot : Web Gui is back few seconds , then .. .off
    docker is started, my container too, no trace of portainer.
    I stoped the container and reboot

    then SSH and WebGUI are ok... so it's my container (again, i've got another post about that already, i go to fix it)

    well, your solution works, i guess, thanks !!


    Docker doesn't want to start after i did apt-get update  and apt-get upgrade. I launched them because i had some network issues , i wanted to test if my NAS reach internet (i fixed it with omv-firstaid)

    Now , docker don't start ...

    Command journalctl -eu docker

    give :

    Thanks for the help


    I update my OMV 4 to 5.

    All is allmost ok, i remake my mergeFS "dataFS" but now, i have to get back my shared folder and finaly SMB...

    When i go in the "shared folder" menu, i got all my old shared folders with N/A as device, so i try to edit it and then , i just have an error message Failed to execute XPath query '//system/fstab/mntent[uuid='ae19cb1d-79e5-444d-a625-9edbb842781c']'.
    and in the next screen, in the red part, i can't write back the name of the shared folder. (see screenshot)

    i can't delete them neither probably because they are in use (i can't do anything in samba neither)

    thanks for the help

    on github someone just told me to put ENABLE_FW = false and it's work, because i don't have any firewall anymore.
    That's ok for me so far

    Thank you very much for all the help, we can consider this as closed

    thanks for all your answers and the time you spend to try to help me.

    I don't understand what you say with " to switch in the OMV UI which IP-tables docker is using and try if this works or" i don't have anything in OMV UI about IP-tables or firewall or i don't find them

    I'm looking on Github to try to find a help ...

    I've find some infos in the container image :

    the thing i don't understand is port 22 (SSH), 80 (web interface) are ok , but not the 9000 (portainer) but in the conf and log , they are the same ... I continue to search, if i find, i'll post here in case someone have the same problem ;)

    and the end :

    Ho ok, sorry, i didn't make the link between what you asked and the commands. This is :

    When Container stoped, portainer reachable :


    root@bart-nas:~# iptables-legacy -L
    Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
    target     prot opt source               destination
    Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)
    target     prot opt source               destination
    Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
    target     prot opt source               destination

    and after reboot, container is started, i can't reach portainer , that's weird, the 9000 port is on the list :

    root@bart-nas:~# docker ps -a
    CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                                 COMMAND                  CREATED      STATUS                    PORTS                                                                                            NAMES
    0d9e42764826   haugene/transmission-openvpn:latest   "dumb-init /etc/open…"   5 days ago   Exited (0) 26 hours ago                                                                                                    transmission-openvpn
    14d2d64581c4   portainer/portainer-ce                "/portainer"             6 days ago   Up 25 hours     >8000/tcp, :::8000->8000/tcp,>9000/tcp, :::9000->9000/tcp, 9443/tcp   portainer

    i don't know how to have to FW rules, but as you see, portainer is on the 9000 and i have it in UFW_EXTRA_PORTS

    What kind of problem? The same as before?

    If the container insists on setting a firewall deny rule, you could try to install a firewall and open the ports you need in addition.

    no, not the same (SSH and Web interface are ok now) but i still can't go to portainer when the container is launched

    to resume :

    if i do docker stop transmission-openvpn, and i reboot, it's ok

    but if i start it in portainer, i lose the access to portainer. but curl -v http://localhost:9000 is ok

    i use those parameters of the container :


    As i understood, with the 2nd line, all machine on the same gateway than the NAS should pass