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    i'm sorry, as many frenchies , i'm bad in english ... thank you for your time !

    About openvpn, on the main NAS, it work (in a container, haugene/transmission-openvpn) but, because of it, i can't use plex or nextcloud or others services when i'm not at home, that's why i'd like to move it to the other NAS ... it's easier to understand ?(sry again ... )

    i said almost .. but it's the same parameters, i've set the new container on the 2nd NAS with alot of copy/paste ;) ... My VPN (hydemyass) accept many VPN connections ...

    Do you want the logs or thoses i've posted are ok ? They are the same atm , they say (as far as i undestand) all is ok ... but this container break all until i stop it manually and reboot the NAS ... and i can't access to the transmission web :/
    The weird thing is i never had this bug on the main NAS ... i use some others containers (nextcloud, mariadb, and ofc haugene transmission OpenVPN) allways works with videos tutorials and time :( .... that never crashed like that

    thank you very much for your answer.

    Yes, i made a standalone drive to avoid to use the mergeFS ...
    I followed your advices, deleted all, remake the container. ... when i start it, all still crash , can't access anymore through SSH, samba, web interface of OMV .... and log of the containers seems ok ...

    I really don't understand, the same container works with almost same parameters on my other NAS ... (i want to transfert it because all the network services use the openVPN ... and i don't want that, i have plex and some others ... so i make my backup NAS with transmission/openvpn in docker and the main with all my services...)

    i'm totally lost :/

    i've read something about mergeFS ... on my other NAS, i've got a ext4 out of the mergeFS .. on this one, i don't have, so i'm using the mergeFS for the data and the config ... is it a problem ?
    If yes, do i should move on the main HD (system of omv) or add another HDD to use the transmission openvpn docker ?


    well, i've made a 2nd try : i initiate another container from scratch ... same issues.

    When i save the parameters, all network's services (omv web gui, samba, ssh,rynsc server .. ) become unreachable. The only solution is to log on the server, stop the container and reboot but the container doesn't work then ...
    to avoid a IPV6 error, i've found 2 commands lines (but no idea how to make them perma and what they do) :
    sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.default.disable_ipv6=0
    sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=0
    the server answer when i ping it, it can ping my pc in the same network.

    The log of the container is :


    I'm trying to install haugene/transmission-openvpn. I've already installed on another server, but i have a problem on this one. I followed the video made by TechnoDadLife .

    When i start the container, all seems ok in logs (docker logs xxxxx) but i can't use the openmediavault web gui, transmission web gui or the SSH ... seems the server is unreachable or services crash ...

    Thanks for the help


    I have an OpenVPN (interface tun0) who works nice for all my apps on the OMV. But i'd like to use the norpaml ethernet connection (enp3s0) for others apps like Plex and NextCloud i'd like to use over internet. I've used the post :…ission-traffic-uses-a-vpn to setup my OpenVpn
    Transmission is on the omv, not on docker, i'd like to not reinstall it on docker or something to not lose my actual torrent links.
    Same for Plex (i've tryed to install it on docker, but it never worked...)
    Even the OMV update use the vpn and bug, i have to close opevpn connection to make the apt-get update /upgrade etc
    I've searched on the forum, but didn't find the solution, i guess it's about iptables or something ...


    i did su - vbox -c 'VBoxManage modifyvm "VM name" --vrde on', i don't have access on rdp neither :(
    i use the host's ip (tryed the VM too) with and without port 9000

    and now, in the preview window, i don't have the logon page of my unbuntu but just [ OK] Removed slice User Slicen of debian-gdm ... weird

    VNC doesn't work anymore on my Virtualbox either.
    I have Debian in hosting.

    The VNC viewer just give a black screen. i Know my VM is started and works cause i can use my jeedom server on it. I can see move the mouse in the preview screen in the phpVirtualbox ...

    should I go to RDP ?



    I've (re) installed plex. It works, i can play my movie on the web interface etc.
    But in the omv web client, i have a error : Failed to execute XPath query '//services/plexmediaserver'.

    Details are :

    The error come really often :(

    I tryed the plex docker, but it doesn't work on my system ...

    Thanks for the help

    i went on smart item in omv web client and used informations ..

    About file system, i mean my RAID or merge FS both failed, if 5,197,198 in smart are ok, the problem should be somewhere :( (sry for my english again ... )


    Well, i was with a RAID, it failed , with help, i deleted it, and made a merge FS ... all was ok until i copy data back on it ... and then, the merge FS failed :/

    So, i think i have a HDD who's diying but i can't find it... I got another volume (for downloads with transmission), i'd like to keep it, it's only 1 disk ..

    I saw the S.M.A.R.T. but all is green and i don't understand detailled infos ...

    1 HDD (my only 6 To) is still on garanty, i have to be sure if it's the problem

    Thanks for the help, i'm going crazy with thoses HDD ... (and again ... sry for my bad english and my noobish attitude)