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    hmm but how do I get those docker-compose files?
    All my containers were started and configured via portainer?


    I need a script checking for outside vs inside temperature during 3 hours every 10min in the morning and during 3 hours every 10mins during the evening.
    I could add 6 cron jobs for each hour but this is a bit ridiculous.
    I could also check the time in the script and let the con job call the script in 10min interval the whole day but this is also a bit a dirty solution...


    Hy is it not possible to run a cron job for example between 7-10 o'clock?
    Its not possible in the GUI to set it up like that or did I miss something?


    To start the generatro directly from the OMV SSH use:
    docker exec nextcloud /bin/sh -c 'sudo -u abc php7 ./config/www/nextcloud/occ preview:generate-all'

    if you are inside the nextcloud docker you can just use:
    sudo -u abc php7 ./config/www/nextcloud/occ preview:generate-all

    hope this helps

    PS: I have over 83'650 photos and it works great!


    hmm so for the slow ones... I have an Odroid XU4.

    I made a backup with the integrate backup plugin to an external drive.
    Can some tell me what in this dd file is included? Are all partition included or just the main with the data (so no boot partition)

    Now my current OMV is on a 16GB card.
    Now I like to copy the backup to a new 32GB card.

    First I made a new partition of 100mb and did copy via dd the boot partition of the 16GB to the 32GB card.
    Then I made a new btrfs partition to copy via dd the backup file made by the Backup Plugin of the OMV.

    Hmm somehow it does not boot from the new 32GB card. What did I wrong?