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    I'm looking to gain access to my OMV shared folders from outside my home network with OpenVPN-AS. I have deployed it on my OMV server successfully (I think) and appear to have the external client working, as it connects successfully and I can ping the router. However, that seems to be all that I can do!

    On my home network, I am running OMV on Linux, and access the shared folders from windows machines without problems via SMB. But taking a windows laptop out of the network and connecting it remotely via the VPN only succeeds in connecting. I can ping the router ( but no other machine that is running on the home network, and so cannot see how to gain access to the shared folders.

    I am sure there is something simple I am missing, but I'm afraid my ignorance means I have no idea what it is. I'd really appreciate some pointers here. Having searched around, I suspect some others have hit the same problem.


    Can I ask a supplementary question, as it looks to me like this thread also answers my question, but I'd like to be sure. I also have a 2x1TB setup, but want to move up to 2x4TB. I only have room for the two drives, but it looks like I can achieve the switch to two new drives by carrying out the above sequence twice - first swapping out one of the 1TB drives for one of the 4TB drives, having it synch and then deleting the remaining 1TB drive, swapping that for the other 4TB drive, and then resyncing again. And I should end up with my data on the two new 4TB drives. Is that correct?

    I am running OMV 4 on a raspberry pi, and connecting various other machines via NFS and SMB. I have many file and folder names that contain special characters, such as umlaut. These seem to be stored correctly, and are fine when viewed via NFS connection (e.g. Windows 10 pro NFS client). But the files and folders are not visible when viewed via SMB (e.g. WIndows 10 home Samba client). I have tried adding the following in SMB Extra Options settings of OMV:

    mangled names = no
    dos charset = CP850
    unix charset = UTF-8

    These were recommended in another place, but looks to me like they are default values anyhow, and don't make any difference. The files and folders are simply not showing via Samba. Any suggestions?