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    i'd imagine around 30mb/s read and half that write over usb2? in real world performance, as its not likely ever to hit theoretical max of usb2 480 Mbit/s (60MB/s) depending on ext hard drive quality.
    i dont mind about super fast transfers tbh, as long as it can share some hd video across the network i'll be happy, i mean my router can quite easily, so this should wipe the floor with it.

    Neither was nor is. The single USB2 connection to the outside where everything is behind make this board the most terrible choice for any NAS. With the crippled Gigabit Ethernet adventure on latest RPi 3 B+ things got even worse (which is close to unbelievable)

    haha yeah glad i asked. i use an original rpi for a pi-hole, and that's pushing it hah. i went with Mr Grape and ordered an Nanopi 512mb neo2, should be ok for what i need. usb ext hard drive media sharing over ethernet and some scheduled downloading. am glad i asked.

    RPi will probably be one of the worst choices for NAS. You will take one step ahead of the current situation you have. And for more or less similar money, you can take up to three four steps forward.

    Look at the Nanopi Neo2 optionally with "nas kit" maybe Odroid HC1 / HC2 ...
    If you do not need a sata, the choice is much wider. RPI would rather let go if you think about the NAS seriously.

    wonderful. i did wonder the RPI would be a bad choice. that nanopi neo2 looks perfect, ordered. thank you.

    I'm looking to purchase something like an RPI board for sharing media from an external usb hard disk over my network. i'm using my router :thumbdown: currently to do this job , which is fine and works but not ideal. I get around 8mb/s write speed transfer currently.

    Is the RPI still ok for this, or is there now a better cheap board that can do this for similar cost, with better performance? orangepi h3?, rock64 etc? that is supported by OMV. i dont want to spend a lot, under £50, $65 ish incl a little case and power adapter.

    I would also like to use docker and have sonarr and radarr , nzb running when not sharing media.

    I appreciate the help, im very much out of the loop.
    Kind regards :)