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    I'd like to setup Wordpress my OMV4.1.23-1 box and thought that dockers would be the best way to go. Does anyone know of a good setup guide to do this. I assume I'll need to install dockers for mariadb, apache, php and wordpress but there are so many settings and variables to deal with I'm sure someone must have already written a guide for this.

    Hi TechnoDadLife,

    Can I ask was it the same docker image (vimagick/mpd) that you were trying to setup or another one?. And if it was the same one did you get further than me (ie did you get the container to run but failed to get it configured correctly) or did you also get the same error?

    Hi flimaxy,

    Well my first attempts at running the image resulted in the following error:

    Error #0:
    OMV\ExecException: Failed to execute command 'export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C; docker run -d --restart=always -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro --net=bridge -p -p -e PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin" -v "/sharedfolders/Appdata/Mpd":"/etc/mpd.conf":rw -v "/sharedfolders/Media1/Music":"/var/lib/mpd/music":rw -v "/sharedfolders/Appdata/Mpd/playlists":"/var/lib/mpd/playlists":rw --name="mpd" --label omv_docker_extra_args="-d /dev/snd" -d /dev/snd "vimagick/mpd:latest" 2>&1' with exit code '125': docker: invalid reference format.
    See 'docker run --help'. in /usr/share/php/openmediavault/system/
    Stack trace:
    #0 /usr/share/openmediavault/engined/rpc/ OMV\System\Process->execute()
    #1 [internal function]: OMVRpcServiceDocker->runContainer(Array, Array)
    #2 /usr/share/php/openmediavault/rpc/ call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
    #3 /usr/share/php/openmediavault/rpc/ OMV\Rpc\ServiceAbstract->callMethod('runContainer', Array, Array)
    #4 /usr/sbin/omv-engined(536): OMV\Rpc\Rpc::call('Docker', 'runContainer', Array, Array, 1)
    #5 {main}

    Tried with both your suggested settings and the /sharedfolders/xxx variations above but they both failed with the same error.

    So I seem to have an error '125' to deal with. Tried setting this up on both the VM and a USB thumbdrive in the NAS server but got the same error on both (At least it's consistent). Have double-checked my settings but can't see an error at the moment.

    So I'm going to go off and do more research and reading.

    Hi TechnoDadLife. - Have you managed to setup an MPD server?

    Great tutorials by-the-way, keep them coming.

    The Docker How-to is very good. Would definitely recommend it to anyone else new to the subject, a great primer.

    Understand about the VM network potential issues. I usually run the VM with the Bridged Adaptor network setting so it appears directly on the LAN but appreciate the extra complexities of running the docker too. If I do have any issues it's good to know that I can revert to the USB thumbdrive method you suggest.

    Once again, thanks for your fantastic posts.

    Thanks for the very detailed reply.

    There's obviously a lot in it that I'll need to digest and much more reading to get my head around the Cli for dockers and the MPD server but you've given me a huge leg-up.

    I've setup a Virtualbox instance so I can play around with some test setups before attempting in on my proper NAS box.

    Thanks again, you've been a great help.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Sounds like it's not going to be as straight forward as I'd hoped. My plan was to setup an MPD server on my OMV-NAS and use Cantata (My absolute fav music player) and MPDroid as clients. Cantata is easy to setup as a client with just the server and port to point to so shouldn't be difficult (famous last words) so that leaves the MPD server. Thought I'd cracked it when I found the vimagick/mpd server but couldn't figure out how to enter the volumes and devices in the docker dialog (assuming that there's nothing else difficult - a leap in faith I know). Anyways, it doesn't seem as easy as that so I'll have to come up with a plan B.

    I think I'll need to do more reading and maybe I can setup an MPD server directly in Debian, although I'd much rather run it as a docker but hey-ho.

    Thanks again for your reply and I'll also check the links you've given for other guides and media player how-to's.

    First time poster - be gentle!

    Am looking to setup an MPD server in OMV 4.1.12 using a docker. I've found a docker vimagick/mpd but my attempts to set it up are failing with an error I think is related to Volumes and Bind paths but I don't have enough experience with docker to troubleshoot the problem :S . So I wondered if anyone has written (or would be kind enough to write) a guide or pointers for installing this correctly.

    I think these are the settings I'm trying to figure out in the run image dialog:

    mpd: image: vimagick/mpd ports: - "6600:6600" - "8800:8800" volumes: - ./mpd.conf:/etc/mpd.conf - ./music:/var/lib/mpd/music - ./playlists:/var/lib/mpd/playlists devices: - /dev/snd restart: always