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    I get that message when copying files back and forth between my Mac, PC and OMV at times. The properties that it is referring to are attributes such as file ownership, labels (on a Mac), or even when going form one file format system to another (NTFS to FAT32 for example).

    Your file copy should be absolutely fine, but to be safe, test a couple prior to deleting the originals.

    Thank you VERY much for that information!

    The next question is how can I verify that the MiniDLNA 1.0.24 pluging is installed correctly after those commands? I've sort of searched how to do that and can't seem to locate the info. Sorry, I'm definitely a Debian newb here.

    OK, I'm about to pull my hair out here! :o

    I have openmediavault 0.3 running fine and serving files to my blu-ray player, but I am having a devil of a time getting openmediavault 0.4.28 and the latest MiniDLNA to work as my previous install does.

    The problem is that the Oppo blu-ray player does not see the complete folder structure, but only 1/2 of the folders. And even in the folders that the player does see, it does not see all sub folders either.

    I have an Proliant N40L and I have tried multiple installs of the latest openmediavault version, and even trying the base 0.4 install of openmediavault without any updates other than installing the plugins. I have tried different instructions that I have read in these forums on installing the MiniDLNA, but the results do not change. The player only sees 1/2 of the folders.

    I would greatly appreciate any assistance.