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    This must be some caching effect.

    ah sorry. it was a typo.. the SSD to OMV was 29 Sec. and HDD to OMV was 1.14 Mins.

    .. and yes, the disk on my Mac is almost 75% full 2.5 inch 5400 rpm machine. almost 7 years old and hdd status is 'pre-fail'.

    once again, thanks for all your help. I came to know a lot :)

    @tkaiser Sorry I went for a break this weekend. Now I have some results after testing..

    Also I installed a fresh copy of OMV for testing so there's no tweak made to Samba settings other than what came straight out of OMV.

    copying between A and B means bottlenecks might exist on both sides so better check your local storage on the Mac too

    I've checked that, here's the finding attached.

    LanTest numbers with 10 GbE settings against both an SMB and an AFP share would be great.

    ... Again pls check the attachments.

    Interestingly, I did a file transfer (3GB) test over to SMB share, from my local SSD which took around 29 Sec. while same file from local HDD took about 1.14 Sec.

    I believe my Mac's HDD is causing the slow performance which is my storage drive.

    but with 3.5" HDD this seems way too low.

    Yes, I'm using Odroid HC2 which has 3.5 inch Seagate NAS (Ironwolf 5900 RPM) connected on its SATA port. Both my Odroid NAS and Mac are connected to a 8 port Netgear Gigabit switch. I wonder if my router (which isn't gigabit) causing any issue ?( ?

    However, I went ahead and check all you suggested. Test results are seems fine as far as iozone and iperf3 shows. I also did a rsync transfer which returns 46MB/s transfer for 1.7G movie file. HELIOS Lan suggest ~72MB/s write speed.

    ** also note that, CPU and HDD temperature looks fine to me.

    totally confuse about all these variable numbers. ?(:huh:

    Screenshot attached.



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    do not set a password and leave quota blank and try again please

    That's it. Setting volume password was the problem. Disk quota says keeping the quota value 0 will allow time machine to use entire disk.

    2. A quick related question, I see both SMB and AFP transferring around similar speed. In my case 45~50 MB/s over gigabit ethernet connection from my system to OMV NAS. Is this due to Odroid HC2 performance?

    Thank again for all your help. :)

    never access the same shares with SMB and AFP at the same time. So define AFP shares that use different paths than the SMB share you already use

    Unfortunately without any luck, I tried exactly same thing. I have an entire 4TB Seagate HDD with only 1 partition on it. I use SMB on a shared folder named 'Ironwolf' while I tried another shared folder by naming it 'OSx' - I believe you are not telling me to create two different partition for SMB and AFP?

    Here's some screenshot of my system.


    I'm currently running OMV 4.x on my Odroid HC2. The image I downloaded from sourceforge. Everything works fine and I can use Samba to transfer file. My Odroid HC2 is connected on a Netgear 8 port gigabit switch and I can transfer large files (e.g 2GB) @ about 45~50 MB/s from my Macbook Pro 2011 (which also has Gigabit Ethernet port)

    I have seen youtube video and Odroid/Hardkernel Wiki they transfer @ about 80~90 MB/s. I thought because I'm using a Mac, I should try enabling (AFP) apple filing for better transfer speed - which I did in the OMV interface and setup user and access right just like I did on Samba. On my Mac's finder I can see a network shows up but when I try to connect it doesn't accept my username/password.

    I'm not sure what I did wrong? Do I need to set anything special on my Mac machine? note that I have no trouble sending files over SMB. Any hints is very much appreciated.